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Once Upon a Time: Why Dark Hook’s plan spells major trouble for Storybrooke

If you thought Hook becoming the other Dark One was as bad as it could get on Once Upon a Time, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only did Dark Hook prove that he’s embracing the Darkness to its fullest, but he also just showed how far he’s willing to go when it comes to destroying Storybrooke once and for all.

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Based on Sunday’s episode, titled “Broken Heart,” it’s clear that Hook and Emma are two very different Dark Ones. Emma’s been trying to do good this whole time, save for turning Hook into a Dark One, wiping everyone’s memories, breaking Henry’s heart and attempting to kill Zelena to get rid of the Darkness. As for Hook now remembering he’s the Dark One and everything Emma’s done to him? Let’s just say all that time spent trying to control his bloodlust is long gone. As Regina said, Hook is officially Captain Dark One.

Captain Hook
Image: Tumblr

Hook isn’t holding back on becoming a villain and is doing everything in his power to get revenge. You know it’s bad when you learn that Hook is the one who created the curse and killed Merlin the process. Seeing as all the Dark Ones are connected and Merlin is still the thing that Nimue loves most, Hook crushing Merlin’s heart still creates the dark curse transporting everyone back to Storybrooke. However, Emma erasing everyone’s memories was a way to give her time to fix all of her mistakes, including Hook’s.

Obviously, that didn’t work and now Hook is putting his huge revenge plan into action. What’s that? Oh, you know, just taking some of Rumple’s blood to open a portal to the Underworld. It’s official: All those rumors that the Underworld would soon be featured on Once Upon a Time have just become fact.

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Rumple’s blood, aka the blood of a man who’s been to Hell and back, opens a portal into the Underworld. With that done, Hook is able to bring all of the Dark Ones, including Nimue, to Storybrooke in the flesh. Now, they “can do what Dark Ones do best: snuff out the light.”

And you thought Dark Emma’s plans were bad. Hook, what are you thinking? As much as I love seeing Hook embrace his really evil side (heck, he smiles all the time and I can’t get enough), I can’t help but think his plans are going to end up sending a beloved character to the Underworld, possibly including himself. There have been talks of the Devil, aka a “Distinguished Gentleman,” showing up, which is ominous in itself. Now that the Underworld has been mentioned, this can only mean bad things are ahead. After all, the winter finale is titled “Swan Song.” Does that mean a character is going to die and be sent to the Underworld? Who goes to the Underworld? Hmm… maybe a Dark One, since the Darkness is tethered to him/her?

Captain Hook
Image: Tumblr

Basically, Dark Hook’s plan spells trouble, aka he or Emma will probably end up in the Underworld. I don’t think Captain Swan shippers are going to be able to handle that. Here’s hoping Emma is still the savior Storybrooke needs to stop Hook from turning the town into total darkness and possibly sending a beloved character to the Underworld.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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