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The Amazing Race: 5 reasons this might be the worst season ever

Every week, I, along with millions of fans everywhere, hope that this will be the week. The week when we’ll finally get an episode of The Amazing Race that will make us remember why we fell in love with the show in the beginning. Great teamwork, challenging tasks, witty banter, Phil whipping zingers throughout the leg. And every episode this season, we’re left disappointed.

It’s not just me that’s feeling it… follow along on Twitter and you’ll see TAR fans dropping like flies because they’re over it.

Why does this season seem to be so lackluster? I have 5 reasons that I think are causing it — let’s see if you agree.

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1. The winner seemed determined at an early stage.

As I’ve said before, it’s not a question of who’s going to win the million dollars anymore but who’s going to come in second and third at this point. I know I was hating on The Green Team, but they have conquered this game. Even if it has come with the price of being the most hated team this season.

2. The challenges aren’t challenging.

There have been no gross eating tasks. No truly adrenaline-pumping exercises. Nothing. When I auditioned a couple of years ago, I wondered if I would have made it through the tasks without having a coronary. This season, all I would have to worry about is sweating to death.

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3. Constant bickering.

I know the word “bickering” sounds old but so is all the arguing in some of the teams. Ahem… Paparazzi. I almost choked tonight when they were talking about the possibility of getting married. Maybe constantly fighting is their relationship, but good lord it’s exhausting to watch and honestly? A little uncomfortable.

4. Too many non-elimination rounds.

I may be wrong about this, but it seems there have been a higher number of NERs this season and they’ve all been used on the wrong teams. Why couldn’t we keep the Dancers? There were some great teams who really never got a chance and others who got too many chances but survived because it was a non-elimination round.

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5. Where in the world has Phil Keoghan been?

I can’t recall another season where Phil Keoghan has been as MIA as this season. Seems like the only time he’s showing up is on the mat and even there he’s not very chatty. Keoghan is the one constant, great thing about this show and without him to throw in his witty quips, the show just doesn’t flow as smoothly as it can and it loses a big entertainment piece.

I’m not sure if this is just an “off” season for The Amazing Race, but I’m wondering if we’re ever going to have a leg that is exciting the way the show used to be. I do have some hope that next week may have some promise, judging from the clips we saw tonight. Fingers crossed!

What do you think? How has this season been for you? Boring? Exciting? About what you remember from past seasons?

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