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Jessa Duggar shares a Thanksgiving message in honor of her son

Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald are really enjoying being new parents, and they had a very special message for their son, Spurgeon, this Thanksgiving.

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Duggar and Seewald took to their website on Thursday to share how grateful they are to have their “precious little son” in their lives.

“Knowing how much we love our son already only amazes us all the more that God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ to redeem mankind. We are so thankful for His love and forgiveness extended to all of us,” they wrote. “This Thanksgiving we are so happy to be parents! Children are a blessing from the Lord. As we are embarking on this journey of parenthood, we appreciate all of your prayers. We pray that God would give us the wisdom to be good parents. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!”

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Duggar then shared the post via Instagram, and while most fans chose to comment on how cute her son is, there are also some of those have questioned why she chose to refer to her son simply as “baby” in her caption, instead of Spurgeon.

Vegaslexi wrote, “I’m so confused on why they called him ‘baby’. They didn’t even say ‘our baby’. Now if his name hadn’t been announced yet I guess I could understand but I don’t. Why can’t u call him Spurgeon or what u said was his nickname ‘Quincy’? Can u not give him the importance of at least using a name? Don’t get me wrong I love the family…. But really?”

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And nenka222 agreed with this comment, writing, “@vegaslexi_ ^^^^^ preach.”

“His own parents won’t even call him by his real first name. Bizarre,” sageyellie shared.

Duggar is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the criticism over her obvious term of endearment does seem a bit bizarre.

Do you agree with these commenters? Or do you think their criticism (or observation) is petty? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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