Kim Zolciak’s daughter sparks outrage with her plastic surgery post (VIDEO)

Kim Zolciak critics have accused her of having cosmetic surgery on multiple occasions, but now the focus has shifted from her to her daughter, Brielle Biermann.

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Eighteen-year-old Biermann took to Instagram on Thanksgiving to share a video of her new lips, as well as the entire procedure (which took place with Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeon). She captioned the video with, “thank you thank you thank you!!! to my favorite, @simonourianmd1 !!! my lips are my biggest insecurity and I’m so happy w my results now! you truly are the best! even though I hate needles you made this very easy! thank you again #simonourian #epione.”

Biermann is clearly proud of the work that she’s had done, and she is feeling great about herself, but the reactions from fans and critics alike have been less positive.

“I truly feel heartbroken for you,” penpie107 shared.

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“I’ve never heard you talk about insecurities before. You are so amazingly beautiful on the outside. It’s your inside that needs some work. You wear a cross around your neck. Respect it,” dmoveup commented.

“Makes me sad that this new generation is so into their looks and not enjoying just being a teenager. By the way, bad example for those kids/teenagers who now want to get this crap done…should be uplifting people instead of telling everyone that you have no love for yourself so you inject yourself with crap,” tamaraleader1989 wrote.

While roorooroster thought that Zolciak should have interjected and stopped Biermann from getting work done.

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They wrote, “Nooooooo too young too pretty naturally 🙁 Kim should not allow it. Even if she is 18, much prettier without injections! The world sees your [sic] beautiful! If you do this than [sic] all they see is the plastic surgery!”

However, Biermann also has the support of some fans, who feel that her decision to share this video was courageous.

One of the supportive posts comes from Instagrammer kris_and_chris, who wrote, “Very brave to show the world something not every1 agrees on! Do what u want to do and don’t worry about what others think your [sic] not a little girl anymore and it’s been awesome seeing u blossom into a young woman!”

Plastic surgery still has a stigma attached to it, and many feel it is wrong to alter your looks, especially at a young age. But there are, of course, pros and cons to every issue.

Do you think Brielle Biermann should have shied away from having lip injections? Or should she be doing what makes her happy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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