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Survivor: 2 Voted off as rain and drama spark huge sacrifices

Wow! A double elimination? Two hours of drama? Mother Nature in a bad mood? A night-based challenge?! This is what Survivor is truly all about! The weather alone made for some truly sobering images of the contestants and their soaked, sleep-deprived bodies. Do I need to remind anybody about Keith’s wrinkly feet?

Just take a look at the photo of Jeremy below. It really shows how Mother Nature unleashed her Survivor wrath.

Jeremy Collins in the brutal rain on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Then there was Stephen’s violent shivering that was painful to watch as he stumbled into the darkness to battle stomach issues. He sat out in a stormy confessional, uttering how he wasn’t going to quit as tears rushed down his face.

It was brutal.

Before the Immunity challenge began, Probst offered the 10 remaining castaways the chance to improve their shelter with a crew who was prepared to rebuild the entire thing — an awesome option considering how God-awful the rain has been. The catch? Five people had to sacrifice their shot to win Immunity in the challenge. It was no contest. Everybody gave away their shot at Immunity except Joe and Keith. Joe had no choice. He knew that if he sacrificed his opportunity to win another Immunity that he would have no chance at making it through the next Tribal Council. Although it seemed selfish, it was the right thing to do because he claimed his fourth consecutive Immunity. The whole thing was an awesome turn of events. It was great watching it all unfold.

Jeff Probst with Immunity necklace on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Their restructured shelter was a huge improvement over the shack they had pieced together themselves. The unseen crew even extended the roof far enough to make sure their fire was protected. Plus, they left a fresh batch of cookies for the castaways to gobble up.

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Who should go next?

As Spencer and Joe pitched a plot to blindside Stephen primarily because he holds a secret advantage, his main ally, Jeremy, was instantly defensive. He didn’t think it was a solid move to vote Stephen out next. He wanted Ciera instead.

Before the votes were read, Jeremy surprised everybody when he sacrificed his own hidden Immunity Idol and played it for Stephen, who has been hobbling around like a zombie in The Walking Dead. Had Jeremy not made that tough decision, Stephen would have been booted with five votes against him. Instead, Ciera fell victim to a vote split and was ousted with three ballots against her (the other two were against Kimmi).

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Ciera Eastin's cast photo for Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

The second hour

The incredible throwback night battle for Reward was tight, but Stephen pulled ahead of Spencer at the last moment. When asked to invite a pair of people to bring along on the Reward, Stephen selected Tasha and Jeremy, which was a wake-up call for Spencer. He said it was obvious that Stephen was closer to that twosome more than anybody else. Big mistake, Stephen.

Back at camp, Kelley used the clue she stumbled upon during the Reward challenge and claimed her second hidden Idol of the season from underneath her tribe’s shelter. She really is a force to be reckoned with and I’m thrilled she was given a second chance at competing in this crazy game.

Kelley Wentworth on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

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A game of footsie

The next Immunity challenge was a dream come true for people who have a foot fetish. It featured numerous close-up shots of the castaways’ bare feet, which they could use as their only tools to stack blocks. It also gave us another opportunity to get a gross view of Stephen’s “prehistoric feet,” as Jeff Probst called them. In the end, Spencer had fancier footwork than everybody else and brought Joe’s winning streak to an end. Uh-oh. Would this finally mark the much-anticipated end for Joe?

Joe Anglim competes in challenge
Image: CBS

Before Tribal Council, Stephen tried to secure more trust with Spencer by revealing the secret of his vote-stealing advantage, which he had also earlier explained to Tasha and Jeremy as they shared their Reward. With that information in hand, Spencer was hopeful they could find a way to keep Joe safe while blindsiding Stephen.

Once the voting began, Stephen announced he was playing his advantage to stop Joe from being able to cast a ballot. In his place, Stephen was able to vote twice, which he did for Abi and Joe. But none of it even mattered because Stephen had been outsmarted and entirely blindsided as the majority of votes fell against him. Wow. That was incredible! Awesome strategy. Some viewers are saying this might be the best season Survivor has seen in its 31-season history. Do you agree?

Stephen quickly turned to Twitter after his ouster aired.

What did you think of the brutal weather? Would you have sacrificed your shot at Immunity for a better shelter? Were you surprised Jeremy played his hidden Idol for Stephen? What were your thoughts on Stephen’s big blindside? Join the conversation by leaving a comment.

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