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Ben Affleck’s reportedly pursuing a newly single A-list actress

It’s been less than a year since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce, but some sources say Affleck is ready to move on — and he’s got his sights set on another A-list lady.

According to OK!, a source has exclusively revealed that “Ben has had an epic crush on Halle [Berry] ever since he saw that sex scene in Swordfish” back in 2001.

Affleck apparently has been crushing on the Oscar-winning actress so hard that his buddies are all taking bets as to how long he’ll last before making his move now that Berry is back on the market.

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And, well, he allegedly has a plan for the day he does decide to make that move. “He’s now trying to find a role for her in one of his next movies by way of getting to know her, but his friends just wish he’d take her out on a date and get her out of his system, rather than spend four months wooing her on a movie set.”

They’ve got a point, those friends. While I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Affleck and Berry share the screen — as they’re both fantastic entertainers — Affleck could certainly save a lot of time and potentially money by just asking Berry to the local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to break the ice over an Iced Americano.

So how much merit is there to these reports?

Granted, one never knows when Hollywood romance is concerned. However, considering Berry just announced her divorce from Olivier Martinez (thereby marking the end of her third marriage), it isn’t far-fetched to imagine she may not be ready to hit the dating scene again just yet.

Furthermore, Berry has been burned by infidelity in the past — her second marriage, to singer Eric Benét, imploded due to his frequent affairs and sex addiction. Would she really be so quick to entertain a relationship with someone recently accused of cheating with the nanny?

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Plus, although all signs point to neither couple making permanent amends, reconciliation can’t be ruled out this soon after their splits. This is particularly true in the case of Affleck and Garner, who have thus far remained committed to staying close for the sake of their three children.

What do you think? Could Ben be courting Halle?

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