14 Portlandia-inspired gifts any fan would freak out over

Dec 7, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Image: Amy Weiss/Getty Images

When the holiday season rolls around, it’s hard to know what to buy for the person who is too hip for presents. Fortunately, these unique gift ideas are sure to please even the most alternative hipsters in your life!

1. Mister Cat shopper

Mister Cat shopper
Image: Blue Q

Make sure your loved one is never caught in the organic grocery market without a reusable bag. These totes from BlueQ are not only irresistibly cute, they’re also made primarily of recycled materials! (Blue Q, $12)

2. Whiskey stones

Whiskey Stones
Image: Crate & Barrel

Ice is way too mainstream. With a set of whiskey stones, your hippest friends and family members will be able to sip their perfectly aged spirits on the rocks without the risk of a watered-down beverage. (Crate & Barrel, $20)

3. Weatherproof Notebook

Weatherproof Notebook
Image: Waterproof Paper

Equipped with one of these sleek weatherproof notebooks from Waterproof Paper, even the most angst-filled writer will have few complaints. Whether they’re waiting for the bus in the Portland rain or spending an afternoon journaling by the coast, this gift ensures that their brilliant ideas will be preserved.  (Waterproof Paper, $4 and up)

4. Birds on Wire socks

Birds on Wire socks
Image: Powell's

Put a bird on this year’s holiday shopping and help your friends’ feet stay warm in the rain with these stylish, cozy knee socks! (Powell's, $10)

5. Porlex mini grinder

Porlex mini grinder
Image: Stumptown

Help the coffee enthusiast in your life brew the perfect cup with this minimalist, travel-friendly burr grinder. (Stumptown, $69)

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