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Mama June opens up about Sugar Bear’s infidelity

Viewers of the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, premiering Dec. 4, will see a darker side of Sugar Bear.

Sugar Bear is best known as the lovable dad on TLC’s canceled show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. He split from Mama June Shannon in September 2014 after she discovered his online dating profiles. But on this season of Marriage Boot Camp, Sugar Bear confesses that there was more to it than just dating profiles.

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In an interview with tooFab, Mama June shares, “I think the fans are gonna be shocked a little bit, people in the house were even shocked because they were fans of the show. I just told him to go in there and be open and honest, it’s not a vacation.”

“My biggest issues was my cheating,” adds Sugar. “I’ve done that and shouldn’t have and I look back on it, I regret it and I wanted to go to Marriage Boot Camp and get the help that I need.”

The worst part for Mama June was Sugar Bear’s affair with a coworker’s wife. “It was really hurtful because one of it was a good friend of ours that we’ve known for quite some time. The woman had been to dinner several times.”

Sugar Bear’s infidelity will take most of the focus, but Mama June’s alleged relationship with convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel will also be addressed. TLC quickly canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last year after Mama June was linked to McDaniel.

“The truth will be revealed about that,” Mama June explains. “I wasn’t worried because I have nothing to hide. The truth will be revealed about everything. I had nothing to hide going in.”

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As for happily ever after? Well, they’re not there yet. Mama June says, “We are still living separate. We see each other on the weekend and there’s some things he still needs to work on. The trust is still not there 100 percent. I still tell him, in the house you have to be honest no matter what the consequences are.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars kicks off Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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