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The Voice Team Adam should be embarrassed by their cover of a Beach Boys hit

Adam Levine is sitting pretty on the current season of The Voice. Several members of Team Adam remain in the top 10, including frontrunner Jordan Smith. But Levine’s team is far from perfect, as evidenced by tonight’s lackluster group performance.

Things are currently going well for Team Adam, but that has the potential to change now that fans of The Voice have heard the group’s rendition of the Beach Boys hit “Wouldn’t it Be Nice.” Given the impressive amount of talent on Team Adam, the performance should have knocked viewers’ socks off, but instead, it left fans of the show feeling perplexed. How could a performance with so much potential go so wrong?

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Interestingly enough, one of the worst things about the performance was Levine’s voice. He’s the coach, so he should sound better than the other singers. Instead, he seemed off, particularly while harmonizing with Amy Vachal.

Adam Levine
Image: NBC

Levine wasn’t the only person on stage who sounded less than amazing. Shelby Brown was also a huge disappointment. “Wouldn’t it Be Nice” is supposed to be a light, cheery number, but Brown’s voice — and overall demeanor — was lethargic. She is capable of so much more, but perhaps this was just an off night.

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The only saving grace for Team Adam was Jordan Smith. Always a stellar singer, he certainly did not disappoint tonight. In some ways, however, his execution made the song seem even more disjointed, as it highlighted the numerous issues with Levine and Brown’s voices. That being said, after each painful refrain from Levine, it was a relief to return to Smith’s flawless voice.

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Twitter users are typically very supportive of Team Adam, but this was certainly not the case tonight. The show’s upset fans were quick to trash the group, with many even claiming that the singers had done the Beach Boys a disservice by butchering one of the band’s loveliest tunes. Highlighted below are just a few of the negative responses to Team Adam’s unfortunate performance.

The members of Team Adam are safe for now, but tonight’s disaster of a performance could be a real liability as they move forward in the competition. Smith is not likely to suffer, but Vachal could… and Brown probably will. Interestingly enough, a lot of annoyed viewers seem most eager to get rid of Levine!

What did you think of Team Adam’s rendition of “Wouldn’t it Be Nice”? Comment and share your opinion below.

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