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The Charlie Sheen HIV news has reportedly affected the Kardashians, too

The Kardashian clan is freaking out after one of Tyga’s rumored exes could be intimately connected to Charlie Sheen.

Tyga has been connected to transgender porn star Mia Isabella, last summer standing accused of carrying on a secret three-year affair after sexy screen shots leaked of a man purported to be Tyga were sent to Isabella’s phone.

Turns out Isabella also is rumored to have had a fling with Charlie Sheen, and now the Kardashians are petrified that Kylie could have been exposed to HIV.

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“As soon as Kylie’s mom, Kris [Jenner], found out about Tyga’s connection to the same transgender woman that Charlie was involved with, she went ballistic,” a source told In Touch (via Radar Online).

“For obvious reasons, Kris insisted that Kylie get to the bottom of this potentially life-threatening mess,” the source continued. “So Kylie went straight to Tyga and confronted him.”

The source said Tyga denied anything physical happened between him and Isabella, but she told Radar Online it was on like Donkey Kong.

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“We continued in our friendship until it did become romantic and we dated steadily for a few years,” Isabella told Radar.

In a separate interview about Sheen’s HIV revelation, Isabella told Entertainment Tonight, “That is hard news to hear. I’m saddened but know him as an incredible person and advocate. My memories of him reflect a warrior and super brave person so I know he will navigate through this with strength. He isn’t afraid of facing any public scrutiny and speaking frankly and I have nothing but admiration for his friendship.”

However, the Kardashians’ concern seems to be completely unfounded. Isabella posted her recent HIV test results on Twitter, and things look good for Kylie’s risk factors in this area.

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Sigh of relief for Kylie.

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