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Christina Milian Turned Up: 6 Reasons fans love the show

One thing is for sure about this season of Christina Milian Turned Up — fans are loving it and are already excited for Season 3. Here are six reasons why its viewers are worshipping at the altar of the Milians.

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Christina Milian
Image: Christina Milian Facebook

1. The bond between the Milian girls and their dad

On tonight’s episode, Christina, Lizzy and Danielle’s dad came to town for a visit facilitated by Richard. He met Dom (yikes) and had a heart to heart with Christina about her breakup with Lil Wayne. Fans loved seeing the close relationship the girls still have with their dad and the fact that he showed up for them.

2. Even when things go bad, the family always pulls it together

There’s been no shortage of family drama among the Milians already this season — Christina firing her mom as her manager, Danielle’s difficult pregnancy, Richard squelching his emotions and, now, Danielle and Dom’s lunch, during which she told him about Lizzy’s dating history. (Whoops.) When Lizzy found out, she told Danielle exactly what she thought of her and her lack of apology, and it was not looking good for the future of the sisters’ relationship. Fortunately, peace was brokered in the end with Christina’s help, and even though all might not be forgotten, fans were thrilled to see the sisters’ relationship intact.

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3. Christina, classy as usual

Whether she’s being approached by the paparazzi about her relationship with Lil Wayne, deciding to move forward with Ceraadi in spite of their disrespectful behavior toward her or figuring out the best way to deal with her feuding sisters, fans love that Christina always opts for the high road.

4. Lizzy and Dom

Incredibly attractive people obsessed with one another in what seems, so far, like a healthy relationship? CMTU fans are certainly charmed by Lizzy and Dom, so much so that even when some issues surfaced (Dom’s kids who live in France, Lizzy’s tumultuous dating history), they’re still rooting for these two to make it long-term.

5. Danielle and Richard

These two have certainly been through the wringer already this season, especially since they learned of Danielle’s risky pregnancy and Richard’s less than calm and collected behavior. But although it’s incredibly hard, they are definitely supporting one another and their two children, and fans especially loved it when Richard brought Danielle’s dad to visit.

6. Realness

While it’s unlikely that a reality show that isn’t scripted on some level actual exists, the Milians don’t seem to be fans of hiding what’s difficult or unpleasant from the cameras, even if they emerge not looking the best all the time. It’s clear that what’s really important to them is their family and preserving their relationships with one another no matter what, instead of just creating drama for drama’s sake.

Christina Milian
Image: Facebook

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