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Botched takes aim at waist training but proves it really can work (VIDEO)

A new sneak peek of Botched tackles the topic of waist training with an extreme case that will make your jaw drop.

A woman named Penny Brown is introduced in the finale episode. She is seeing the doctors about the scars on her breasts. Several augmentations have left them with marks she wants removed.

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But it isn’t her breasts that have the doctors talking — though they’re hard to miss.

Rather, it’s her waist to breast ratio that is impossible not to discuss.

“Penny’s got the highest breast-to-waist ratio I’ve ever seen,” Dr. Dubrow reveals in the clip.

Brown reveals that her waist went from 38 inches down to a mere 28 with the help of her corset. She even reveals the smallest her waist has ever been cinched is down to 23 inches, but she had to wear her corset for 23 hours a day to maintain that size.

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“You have to eat very regular, small meals, and there are certain things you have to cut out of your diet like spicy foods, and anything carbonated, and all sorts of stuff like that,” Brown says. “It’s like a lifestyle, but as long as you obey the rules of having squished organs.”

But we aren’t just talking about squished organs here.

“If you do it in a conservative way, I am not completely opposed to waist training,” Dr. Dubrow explains. “But Penny is an example of waist training that could go a little too far. She could suffer the complications like displacement of your organs into your lungs.”

Say what?!

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Check out the full clip from Botched below.

And watch the full finale episode tonight on E!

Does this clip make you want to try waist training or stay away from it for good?

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