Après Ski: Why Gibbons Life is way more dysfunctional than SUR

Nov 24, 2015 at 8:23 a.m. ET
Image: Paul Zimmerman/Bravo

Never in my life did I think I’d utter these words: The Vanderpump Rules cast sure has it together. Let me clarify, the group at SUR working for Lisa Vanderpump that gets into their fair share of shenanigans definitely looks like a well-oiled machine of employees compared to those working for Gibbons Life on Après Ski.

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If you’ve been watching the freshman season of Bravo’s latest reality series, then you know that the tension between Elise, Bobby, Jim, Charlotte, Kendra and Lynsey has been evident since the very beginning. It’s understandable that when you’re working for a startup company and meeting individuals for the first time that things might not run smoothly. Also, personalities clashing is bound to happen, especially until you get to know one another and find a good rhythm of working side by side.

However, after four episodes and multiple clients, things are not going well. Not only are Elise’s management techniques constantly being questioned, but she and her team are repeatedly taking jabs at one another and arguing. Have you ever seen a more dysfunctional group of employees? You might be thinking about a particular group that works at a restaurant called SUR, but in comparison, they’re clearly doing something right.

Actually, the Gibbons Life employees could learn a thing or two from those at SUR. Yes, I’m sure even Jax Taylor might be able to teach them something noteworthy. With that said, here are just a few reasons why those on Après Ski need to sit down and watch an episode of Vanderpump Rules — and not just for the drama.

Lisa Vanderpump
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1. There is zero respect

Whether it’s no respect for Elise as the boss or Elise showing zero respect to her employees, this isn't something that should be part of a workplace. At least there is respect between Lisa V. and her employees like there should be. Granted, sometimes that disappears depending on what’s going on and who’s whining that day, but most of the time there is respect resonating throughout SUR.

2. Tamara keeps disappearing

Where does Tamara keep going? I’m sure she’s busy, but I feel like she could make Gibbons Life and its employees that much more of a success. She clearly knows what she’s doing and can diffuse a situation, but she keeps disappearing at the most inopportune times. Lisa V. would never do that.

3. The professionalism is lacking

I don’t know where these people learned their professionalism, but it clearly got swept away by an avalanche. The way they speak to one another, especially to Elise and vice versa, is beyond disrespectful. They know this is a place of work, right? Yeah, sometimes SUR employees aren’t the most professional, but they always seem to act mostly appropriate on the job.

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4. There is no line between who’s boss and who’s not

Seriously, who is the boss? Technically, Elise is supposed to be managing everyone else, but at times, it doesn’t seem that way. Basically, everybody seems to be managing each other and taking control of whatever situation is at hand. At least at SUR everybody knows who’s boss, aka Lisa.

5. At times, everybody seems miserable

There are some fun times, smiles and laughter on Après Ski, but overall it just looks like everyone wants to quit and is complaining about something. Who wants to go through life like that and have a job that makes you feel that way? You can’t say that those working at SUR don’t have a good time.

6. Lisa Vanderpump is MIA

Let’s face it: Lisa Vanderpump makes everything better, can turn any business into a success and make a group of employees, no matter how dysfunctional, work well together. You know, in between all of the drama.

Lisa Vanderpump
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Après Ski airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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