The Voice: 5 Theories as to why Pharrell is always wearing sunglasses

Nov 24, 2015 at 12:13 a.m. ET
Image: NBC

Pharrell loves to accessorize. When he's not wearing his trusty fedora, he complements his Hawaiian shirts with designer shades. His penchant for sunglasses has recently caused a fair amount of suspicion among fans of The Voice, who want to know why he needs shades when he's inside. The following are just a few possible explanations for Pharrell's recent use of sunglasses.

1. He's emulating CeeLo Green's style

There's still something a bit off-putting about seeing a judging panel on The Voice without at least one pair of sunglasses. CeeLo used to be the show's official sunglasses guy, but maybe that role has finally been passed on to Pharrell.

Pharrell and the Judges
Image: NBC

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2. The contestants on The Voice make him more emotional than he cares to admit

Pharrell typically has a calm and collected demeanor, so it would be odd to see him getting super emotional whenever an especially talented performer takes the stage. Maybe he knows just how disorienting this would be for fans of The Voice and has thus decided to cover up any emotions with the help of a dark pair of sunglasses.

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3. He is serious about anti-ageing

Pharrell has essentially looked the same for over a decade. He has the face of a twenty or thirty-something, but he's actually 42 years old! Could this ageless appearance be due to his insistence on wearing sunglasses? At least one of his fans seems to think that this is the case.


4. Botched plastic surgery

This one seems unlikely, but while speculating about Pharrell's sunglasses during tonight's episode of The Voice, a few Twitter users suggested that he could be trying to cover up plastic surgery gone wrong. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a high-profile celebrity suffered botched plastic surgery. But would a mere pair of sunglasses hide the problem?


5. He has a black eye

Last week, when Pharrell wore sunglasses on The Voice, fans of the show speculated that he was trying to hide a nasty shiner. The latest rumors indicate that Pharrell had a black eye on full display during his recent appearance at an A+E Network event. Nobody bothered to cover up the black eye for the A+E event, but it's easy to see why NBC would take issue with it.

Pharrell in sunglasses
Image: NBC

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If Pharrell really does have a black eye, the next question is: Where did it come from? Previous gossip indicated that the shiner resulted from a fight with Jay Z, but a more recent report from TMZ suggests that he was accidentally hit with a spatula.

Why do you think Pharrell has been sporting sunglasses on The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.