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Vanderpump Rules: Scheana’s remarks about Shay’s addiction anger fans

When the Season 4 trailer for Vanderpump Rules was released, fans knew the season would feature the struggles Scheana Marie and Michael Shay were facing as a couple. As showcased last week and during Monday’s episode, those issues revolve around Shay’s addiction to pills and alcohol, as discussed heavily by both on camera.

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Addiction isn’t something to be taken lightly and it’s clear that Shay is struggling; after all, he went home for a while to escape everything. While sitting down with Scheana, Sandoval, Ariana, Katie and Schwartz, Shay opened up even further about his problems, including the fact that he’s been taking pills ever since he’s known all of them. He even admitted to experiencing withdrawal symptoms and taking up to 10 pills a day, depending on the day. In addition, Shay discussed how he feels like he can’t talk with Scheana because, to quote him, she is “intimidating” and talks over him.

It was definitely an eye-opening conversation. However, it was near the end of the episode that Scheana said something that truly angered fans. During her confessional, Scheana said, “I don’t think I could ever be with someone who’s completely sober, because that’s not reality with the life I lead with my friends. What he needs to do is just sip. You don’t have to drink to get drunk; drink to get a good buzz.”

Well, that statement didn’t go over well with some fans who think Scheana is in denial, not being a supportive wife and only thinking of herself. Here are just a few reactions.

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As for Scheana, she took to Twitter to explain and defend herself. Here’s what she tweeted.

I completely understand why fans are reacting negatively towards Scheana and her comment. I mean, I even did a double take and watched that scene more than once to make sure I heard her correctly. With that said, addiction is a serious issue and something not everyone knows how to deal with. When it comes to the tougher things in life, sometimes it’s difficult to cope or to learn how to live with something you’re not familiar with. There’s a good chance Scheana is still figuring things out regarding Shay’s issues and didn’t mean what she said. Or, based on her tweets, it just seems like fans are misunderstanding her and that she’ll always have Shay’s back no matter what.

Whatever the case, here’s hoping Shay is working on himself and getting better, because that’s what truly matters.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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