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Gigi Hadid’s privacy is in jeopardy after illegal phone hack

Well, it has happened again.

The Internet has reared its ugly head and yet another high-profile female celebrity has been hacked and is being blackmailed for cash.

Gigi Hadid is just the latest in a string of high-profile celebrity cloud and phone hacks.

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According to TMZ, the hackers claim they have stolen the contents of her personal iPhone and they want her to pay up. Unless she decides to pony up with some dough, they are threatening to release photos and videos they have accessed through her iCloud.

Hadid, a newly minted Victoria’s Secret model, is pushing back, refusing to cooperate or give the criminals anything.

She says she has contacted law enforcement and has also hired a private security company to track down these electronic theives, as she wants to press charges.

This is not nearly the first time this has happened. In the summer of 2014, a long list of Hollywood A-listers, including the likes of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, had their private (often nude) photos leaked online. In a separate incident, hackers threatened Taylor Swift in early 2015.

This latest attack on privacy prompts the question brought up by Jennifer Lawrence when this happened to her: If the hackers are threatening to release nude photos, is this a sex crime?

And when the heck is Apple going to get better security for their cloud services?

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