Farrah Abraham ripped to shreds over recently confirmed adoption plans (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham reconfirmed her hope to adopt a baby, but the Internet is pretty convinced this is the world’s worst idea.

Last week, Abraham announced on Instagram that she hopes to give daughter Sophia a sibling via adoption. Today, she posted another image reiterating that dream.

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“With over 145 million orphans in the world, I’m so excited to make a difference by adopting in the future!! #thanksgiving #cutness [sic] #editorial,” she wrote, linking to a tabloid story on the revelation.

But people on Instagram are pretty much in agreement that this is just a really terrible idea. Some select comments:

ohnoitstfloyd: “God please don’t”

mhjellm: “I’d like to think her sharing this is coming from the most pure truthful place of her heart….but like all of the other random crap she comes up with this is likely a ploy to get more social media activity. Lord help any child who may be adopted by her (or should I say her parents….who’ve raised Sophia more than she has).”

simplybeautiful4me: “Yea because someone is going to allow you to adopt a child. Who’s like taking things up the ass and profession is selling sex toys. You don’t even spend time with the one you have now. Always making half naked appearance in different states, town. Learn how to be an active person in her life first.” [sic]

xxizzyrobinsonxx: “You don’t look after you biological child and your [sic] an awful mother , don’t put another child through that suffering”

amandamunoz07: “Adoption is not an easy process and I doubt they would give a child to Farrah the porn star who sells sex toys and molds of her own vagina. Let’s just say I hope she never has any more [sic] children nor adopts any.”

anhbdm: “God help that child and the one u already have but shouldn’t have.. u r a terrible role model… I’m sure that child is better staying where it’s at.. u nasty piece of shit.”

The reactions on Twitter weren’t much better. Nadia Whateley seemed particularly disturbed by the news, judging from the 17 replies she made. Here are a few of her harshest.

Abraham has not revealed when she plans to adopt another child, if she has even put the wheels in motion yet, or if this truly is just a pipe dream drummed up for a little publicity.

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