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Sister Wives‘ kids admit they yearn for a different lifestyle

Every kid dreams of getting out on their own and living their own lives, and that might be especially true if your parents live an alternative lifestyle.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has chosen to live in a polygamous lifestyle. He has four wives: legal wife Robyn, ex-wife Meri and two spiritual wives, Christine and Janelle, but just because he and his wives have chosen this way of living doesn’t mean his children will follow in his footsteps.

Several of the Brown children have revealed they might only want to have one significant other. During a recent TLC Sister Wives tell-all special, the plural family’s children had a lot to say about the way they see their futures that has us wondering what their parents think about the very grown-up statements.

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First to speak up was Meri’s only child, Mariah, who said she didn’t think her parents’ lifestyle was for her. She said, “I think I’ve just grown a lot over the past few years and taken a step back and maybe thought more about what I want and how I want my life to turn out.”

Aspyn, Christine’s son with Kody, also piped up with a similar sentiment, saying, “I’m the same. I don’t want to do plural marriage. I kind of feel bad that none of us want to, but it was just not what we were meant to do I guess.”

Two of the children said that though polygamy wasn’t for them, it was not for reasons you might think.

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Paedon, another of Christine’s children, said, “I believe in the religion and I believe in the faith, but I see how my dad does it and he does it amazingly. He’s very strong and very powerful and I don’t think I could do that.” Mykelti said, “I’m not going to live polygamy. I don’t think that’s for me. I don’t think I could ever live up to what my parents have been able to do.”

Janelle and Kody’s son Garrison said surely, “One’s enough for me.”

The fact that the children take into consideration that their parents might feel bad about their lifestyle choices proves that they have not come to these conclusions easily. They clearly feel they have a solid home life and it is apparent they look to their parents as good role models, so one has to wonder how they feel about none of their children feeling the polygamist lifestyle is right for them.

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Do you think it hurts their feelings or do you feel they might be proud of their kids for making their own life choices?

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