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2015 AMAs: 6 Drama-filled moments you probably missed (VIDEO)

Sunday night was the 2015 American Music Awards, and despite there being a lot of really good stuff during the show — Jennifer Lopez’s opening number; Coldplay’s performance — there was, of course, some drama. There’s always drama.

In case you missed all the juicy bits of the American Music Awards — or just couldn’t watch another room filled with celebrities awarding themselves for stuff — here’s the six most drama-filled moments from the AMAs.

1. Gigi Hadid shades Harry Styles — and he shades her right back

One of Hadid’s closest friends is Taylor Swift, who, as everyone knows, dated Styles. So when it was time for Hadid to do an interview with the whole One Direction gang, it was interesting to see what she’d do. Staying loyal to her bestie, Hadid hugged all of the 1D members… and gave Styles a handshake. Styles was then caught on camera slightly rolling his eyes at the model. Awk-ward!

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2. Nicki Minaj “shades” Jennifer Lopez

During her performance, when Lopez and her dancers broke into a quick rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” — which is remixed into Minaj’s “Anaconda” — the camera cut to Minaj who was well, sitting there. Since Minaj wasn’t beaming with pride while “her” song came on, the Internet erupted into an “OMG, Nicki Minaj is throwing shade at Jennifer Lopez” frenzy.

But, guess what? She wasn’t.

Minaj responded to the shade claims, saying she simply was looking at herself on camera. So, everyone chill, OK?

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3. Kylie Jenner ditched Tyga for her sister

Rumors have been heating up, claiming that Tyga and Jenner have broken up, but Tyga was seen hanging out with the Kardashian-Jenner crew — including Kylie — during and after the AMAs. However! Jenner opted to not walk the red carpet with him before the show, instead strutting her stuff with Kendall. Tyga? Y’burnt!

4. Gwen Stefani killed her performance of “Used to Love You” and Blake Shelton couldn’t stop talking about it

Stefani gave an incredibly powerful, incredibly emotional performance of her new breakup ballad, “Used to Love You.” And if that wasn’t enough to set tongues wagging, her new boyfriend, Shelton, tweeted his support for his lady by retweeting a message a fan wrote about Stefani, saying her performance was the best of the night — and adding “Agreed.” Suck on that, Rossdale.

5. Selena Gomez performed “Same Old Love” after supposedly rekindling her romance with Justin Bieber
Last week, Bieber and Gomez delighted tweens worldwide when they were spotted together in Beverly Hills. But. After their little reunion, Gomez sang “Same Old Love” — in which the chorus goes, “I’m so sick of that same old love…” — at the AMAs. Coincidence? Probably. But it’s fun to speculate.

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6. Justin Bieber upset people by wearing a Nirvana shirt

People were not happy that Bieber “disrespected” Kurt Cobain by wearing a Nirvana T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans to walk the red carpet at the AMAs. Oh, Bieber. You can never win, can you?

What was your favorite part of the American Music Awards?

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