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18 American Music Awards performances that will blow you away (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez reminded everyone she’s a force to be reckoned with, while Meghan Trainor made out with Charlie Puth at the end of her performance — so it was basically a totally rocking night at the 2015 American Music Awards!

Audiences were pretty much guaranteed a good time with so many awesome performances to pick from, whether or not their favorite artist took home an award. Here’s a rundown on all the night’s hot acts!

Jennifer Lopez

JLo started the night off with a gorgeous slowed-down version of her song, “Waiting for Tonight,” before pausing to say that the night wasn’t about her. She then jumped into a high-energy, totally impressive dance-party medley of other artist’s biggest hits, reminding everyone that she is still a total diva on stage.

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Selena Gomez

Ooh, so many sparkles. And handsome men. Selena Gomez positively owned the stage (and her super sexy staircase-of-men) with her song, “Same old Love.” She even rode one of her dancers like a boss!

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Carrie Underwood

While it wasn’t the most amazing performance of the night, Carrie Underwood sure looked beautiful in that floor-length red dress while she sang “Heartbeat.” And let’s face it, the singer is so talented, a simpler performance like this one is still stunning.

Demi Lovato

I wish I looked as amazing as Demi Lovato did singing “Confident” tonight. I also wish I was as confident as Demi Lovato seems to be all the time. The woman can rock attitude with the best of ’em, and she makes it look and sound so good!

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth

We are so glad Meghan Trainor has recovered from the vocal strain that silenced her earlier this year. What a lovely job on her live performance of “Like I’m Gonna’ Lose You.” Is it just me or does she just have a permanent 1950s vibe going on? Of course, that’s probably why she and Charlie Puth teamed up on his song “Marvin Gaye” at the end of her set… or could the partnership be due to the fact that the two are an item? I mean, what was with that make-out session at the end of the number? Performance or real-life lust? Definitely one of the most scintillating performances of the night!

Ariana Grande

The slit in Ariana Grande’s dress was so high, I was afraid one of her dancers was going to get lost up there. No need to worry though, she quickly ditched the skirt and basically danced in a sparkly, tassled bustier while belting out a super sassy version of “Focus.” Was this the best performance of the night? No, but it was totally fun and she sounded great!

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One Direction

With their performance of “Perfect,” the One Direction boys proved they don’t really need Zayn Malik after all. Of course, it also wasn’t all that earth-shattering of a performance either. But the boys did a nice job and the ladies swooned, so mission accomplished.

Gwen Stefani

Gee, what could Gwen Stefani be singing about? The Voice judge and music icon took the stage with her new single titled “Used to Love You,” and the audience’s faces collectively read “Whoa!” Wouldn’t it be nice if every time regular women got jilted by lovers, they could go on national TV and deliver a power ballad “F*** you?” to the man who wronged them? Yeah, I’m pretty sure this song was awkward for everybody… but also deliciously personal.

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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas turned in an alright performance, delivering his best Justin Timberlake impression (sorry, Jonas lovers) as he attempted to knock our socks off with a medley of “Chains,” “Levels” and “Jealous.” Most of the audience looked like they were having a good time too.

Walk the Moon

My first thought was “So that’s what those guys look like.” My second thought was “That’s a lot of lights!” Walk the Moon turned up the synthesizers and rocked their best Ed Grimley dance moves with “Shut Up and Dance” set to so many flashing lights, they should have issued a seizure warning first.


Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin looked like he was loving life, singing “Adventure of a Lifetime,” and I was totally digging seeing the band onstage again. Then dancing gorillas showed up as confetti rained down and I got confused… and anxious. Was Miley Cyrus going to join him at any moment? Why was there so much tie-dye on the screens? Where did the giant bouncy balls come from? But then, just as suddenly as it had started, it was over.

The Weeknd

So. Much. Fire.

Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild

Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild (Little Big Town) delivered a nice rendition of their revenge duet, “Home Alone Tonight.” There were a lot of mirrors.

Macklemore and Leon Bridges

Macklemore and Leon Bridges teamed up to deliver a powerful performance of their song, “Kevin.” It was a moving and poignant moment amid all the night’s glitter.

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Alanis Morissette and Demi Lovato

Umm, did Demi Lovato just live out our teenage fantasies for us on stage with this rockin’ “You Oughta Know” duet with Alanis Morissette? Yes. And although it wasn’t exactly the best-sounding rendition I’ve heard, the fact that it happened at all was enough to give me all the happy feelings!

Celine Dion

Wow. Everyone in the audience was moved by Celine Dion’s powerful performance of Edith Piaf’s “L’Hymne à l’amour” and with good reason. The Canadian singer put so much heart into the song, you’d have to be made of steel not to feel it.


Hands down one of the coolest performances of the night came in the shape of the a capella group, Pentatonix, singing the Star Wars theme song backed by a full symphony orchestra.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber delivered a stripped-down acoustic version of “What Do You Mean?” before jumping into a “Where Are Ü Now?’ and “Sorry” medley. The audience truly seemed into it, waving their purple light sticks in the air and dancing along. No matter how you feel about the Biebs, you gotta hand it to the kid for delivering a pretty cool finale to the night.

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