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Big Brother‘s Frankie Grande gets slammed for his AMA hosting gig (PHOTOS)

Why is everyone hating so hard on tonight’s American Music Awards red carpet host Frankie Grande?

Frankie Grande may be best-known for being Ariana Grande‘s big brother, but he’s also a Big Brother star and Internet personality, and he’s bringing a lot of enthusiasm and flair to tonight’s AMA live-stream. But according to some Twitter users, it’s a little too much flair.

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Is it just us, or do these tweets feel especially mean? Sure, any celebrity runs the risk of becoming the target of online hate, but we are kind of surprised so many people find Grande so hard to handle.

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We do have to admit that the final tweet here does ring a little true… but isn’t Caesar Flickerman one of our favorite Hunger Games characters? And isn’t the red carpet the place for big personalities, crazy hair, and outlandish gushing?

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Fortunately, there are some fans out there going to bat for the host as well.

Of course, with Grande interviewing some of his favorite celebrities tonight, he’s probably too busy to care about what people are saying about him online.

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