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Après Ski: Elise & Jim’s combative relationship continues downhill (VIDEO)

There’s no doubt Bravo’s Après Ski is filled with drama. As viewers watched during last week’s episode, Elise caused even more tension within her team, especially with Kendra’s “butler” situation. Based on this exclusive clip from Monday’s brand-new episode, it looks like Elise’s battle shifts from Bobby and Charlotte over to Jim’s issues with his boss.

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As you can watch below, Elise is trying to make things right with Jim and even commends him on his great work. She admits that there is definite tension between the two, but it appears Elise is attempting to alleviate some of it. However, Jim isn’t having it and calls out Elise for her bad management techniques.

Ever notice how, during each weekly review dinner, there is a lot of arguing and awkward moments? I mean, even Kendra, Charlotte, Bobby and Lynsey look uncomfortable in the video. Anyway, things get extremely heated between Jim and Elise, proving that their working relationship is going downhill quickly. This week’s episode doesn’t look like one you should miss, especially because of this argument.

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Per the episode description for Monday’s episode, titled “It’s All Down Hill From Here,” viewers will also see Bobby meeting with Tamara to talk about the accusations made by Elise, Kendra working on a sexy photo shoot, even more adventure with Lynsey, and — as showcased in the clip — tempers flying thanks to Jim and Elise.

Check out the exclusive clip below and get ready for even more drama during Monday’s episode.

Après Ski airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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