The Amazing Race: Has the Green Team found the secret to winning the game?

Nov 21, 2015 at 9:50 a.m. ET
Image: CBS

"Most people dwell on what everyone else is doing instead of being laser-focused on how great they can be." Tracy Myers

Do you want to know the one thing that is separating the Green Team from all the other teams?

They are laser-focused on winning and don’t obsess over what the other teams are doing.

That's it. I've decided that this is their secret sauce and the reason that they'll win this race. Sure, they’re a strong team that works well together, but how much time do you see them wasting worrying about which team is going to do what?

Hardly ever.

Sure they worried about getting to the last stop tonight before everyone else, but that was because it was a U-Turn and they knew that they were going to be the ones to get U-Turned if they didn't get there first. But they got there first and opted to not U-Turn anyone, because why do it? It would have been of no benefit to them and would have only made that target on their back even larger — if that's at all possible.

In contrast, the other teams spent the entire leg wondering who was going to be able to U-Turn the Green Team and, if not the Green Team, then who was it going to be. Even when the teams got to the U-Turn and realized that the Green Team was in first and that The Reporters had U-Turned the Texans, they complained and obsessed over that.


I do have to go on record though, and say that I think it was a stupid move on The Reporters' part to U-Turn a team that was solidly in last place. There was no way the Texans were going to be a threat to anyone — they haven’t been a threat for a few weeks now. Why? Distractions. They lost focus on the game a long time ago. Something the Green Team just doesn't do.


If you're keeping count (or losing count!) the Green Team hit the mat first for the sixth time and yes, won another trip. Their honeymoon is going to be epic, isn't it?! They've earned it! They've worked their tails off and deserve everything they're winning. Shoot — it's not winning — they're earning it. Something that seems to be hard for The Paparazzi and the other teams to wrap their heads around. In a final, bizarre twist of not worrying about your own game and not being focused, Chris looked at Phil and boldly told him "They won't win the million dollars."

What?! Hey Chris, I don't know what race you're in, but if that's what you really think, now we know why you're not winning.


Laser-focused + determination to win + not worrying about anyone else = the recipe to win $1,000,000 and laugh all the way to the bank on an all-expenses paid trip.

What do you think is the "secret" to why the Green Team is such a force to be reckoned with? Do you think The Reporters messed up U-Turning Team Texas?