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Adele is hilarious as fake Adele (WATCH)

Friday night’s Adele at the BBC lived up to the hype and one of the best bits was Adele pretending to be… herself.

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The singer used facial prosthetics to transform herself into “Jenny,” an Adele impersonator, to take part in a sketch alongside eight other (genuine) Adele impersonators.

At the audition for a pilot programme at the Wimbledon Theatre, the real Adele (a.k.a. Jenny a.k.a. Adele) managed to convince the other Adeles that she was so nervous about going on stage she was going to be sick.

“Jenny” was persuaded to carry on with the audition and she performed last out of the nine singers, taking to the stage to perform “Feel My Love.”

A fake nose adds to the disguise

Adele plays Adele impersonator Jenny
Image: BBC

“Jenny” blends in with the other Adele impersonators

Adele plays Adele impersonator Jenny
Image: BBC

The penny drops…

Adele plays Adele impersonator Jenny
Image: BBC

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Watch the brilliant sketch below.

Lisa Adele Martin, one of the Adele impersonators featured in the sketch, commented on the video, describing Adele as “lovely” and saying she “couldn’t breathe” when she realised what was going on.

“I cringed watching it back because I was bawling like a baby, but what do you do when you meet your idol…?” she posted.

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