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Vanderpump Rules‘ Stassi recovering from ‘butchered’ breast lift (PHOTO)

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder finally got something she’s told fans she’s wanted for eons: perky new boobs.

Schroeder revealed the surgery to fans in an Instagram post thanking her bestie, Sheena Mannina, for being her private nurse while she recovers.

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“Thank you for coming to L.A to nurse me back to health after my boobs were butchered. I love you my little health guru guardian angel best friend #thebreastliftstruggleisreal,” Schroeder wrote.

On Thursday, just a day after the operation, she told fans about it on her podcast Straight Up With Stassi. “I got my boob reduction/lift and I’m on medication. I’ve also had some wine/margaritas,” she said.

Earlier this month on her podcast she explained what she was about to do and why.

“I have exciting news… I’m getting a breast reduction in two weeks. Breast reduction/lift. It’s done, I paid for it and everything. No turning back,” she said.

“‘Cause they’re too big. It’s back pain, and I started bleeding the other day when I was working out because of my sports bra, so I have scabs,” she explained. “It’s too uncomfortable and they are so saggy, they look like two tube socks with change in them.”

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But she didn’t lop off too much, preferring to go down to a D cup. “I still want boobs. I don’t want to have an identity crisis. I feel like if I took too much out I might not feel like myself. I want to continue to have boobs,” she said.

“I thought about waiting, but then I thought what if I don’t have kids for ten years,” she added. “I’m going to spend the hottest years of my life with saggy tits. I’m already past my prime.”

This is not the first time Schroder has gone under the knife. She admitted to getting a chin implant and lip injections, but stopped getting Botox for a hilarious reason.

“I’ve done it before but I like when people know when I’m mad at them without me having to say something,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

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