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The Flash & Arrow crossover spoilers: 6 most exciting details (VIDEO)

It’s always fantastic when The CW’s Arrow and The Flash cross over. There have already been several episodes where that’s happened. However, when both series return after the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be an even more epic crossover event between both shows. So much so that the new extended trailer for it touts that “it takes two nights to fight.”

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I have no doubt both episodes will live up to fans’ expectations. So, to hold you over if you’re a fan who is having hard time containing your excitement, here are six things to look forward to from the crossover.

1. Vandal Savage is introduced

Vandal Savage

Image: The CW

Played by Casper Crump, the Legends of Tomorrow villain is finally introduced and he is giving Damien Darhk a run for his money. As Barry says in the trailer, “We’re chasing down an immortal madman who’s on a rampage against a reincarnated warrior priestess.” I told you it’s going to be two epic hours of television.

2. Hawkgirl and Hawkman come together

Hawkgirl and Hawkman

Image: The CW

Flash fans have already been introduced to Hawkgirl, aka Kendra Saunders/Cisco’s love interest, and now they’re finally going to meet her other half, Hawkman, aka Carter Hall (played by Falk Hentschel). It seems that Kendra’s lost her memories of who she truly is, but Carter is there to help.

3. It’s the new Indiana Jones

Vandal and Hawkgirl

Image: The CW

Cisco feels like their lives are just like an Indiana Jones movie, and I can’t argue with him there.

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4. Hawkgirl flies like the badass she is


Image: The CW

Who else is excited to see Kendra fly?

5. The fight scenes and flashbacks are action-packed

Flash/Arrow crossover

Image: The CW

In typical Arrow and The Flash fashion, the fight scenes are everything fans could’ve hoped for. And how about those flashbacks? Yeah, I can’t wait to see those in action.

6. A ton of heroes come together

Flash/Arrow crossover

Image: The CW

How often is that so many heroes are in one room coming together to save a city? Anyone else now even more pumped for Legends of Tomorrow?

With that said, watch the trailer for yourself and enjoy.

The Flash/Arrow crossover event begins Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 8/7c on The CW.

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