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Jill Duggar’s post sparks concern for her husband Derick Dillard (PHOTO)

Jill Duggar’s little son, Israel, is getting so big, and on Thursday, she decided to share a sweet picture of him, along with his daddy, Derick Dillard — but fans are concerned.

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And their concern is not for the tot, but rather Dillard, who they think is looking rather ill.

Dillard does appear to have lost some weight in recent months, and this has sparked conversation among fans and critics alike, who were quick to voice their opinions in the comments section.

“Why does Derrick [sic] always look so sickly lately??” karla_fisher asked.

“Derrick [sic] does look really skinny and sick,” jgalvan320 shared.

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“Derick looks sick…like anorexic sick…,” wrote cathycarcrash, and lanaj3 agreed, writing, “Derrick [sic] lost a lot of weight.”

Some people even went so far as to give their opinion (and advice) on what Dillard should do to look better — which is really quite harsh.

Nurs_tiff wrote, “He does look sickly! Needs to gain some weight and muscle… Looking like skin and bones. And that hair, needs a new style update.”

This is not the first time that Dillard’s looks have come into question as critics have previously criticized the fact that he has adult braces. While that criticism was unnecessary and actually pretty pathetic, do fans have genuine cause for concern this time around?

Do you think Dillard looks ill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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