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HTGAWM: [Spoiler] shot Annalise — is she their mom, too?

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for — on tonight’s winter finale, we finally found out who shot Annalise Keating. It’s been the question on everyone’s mind for weeks now, and it was every bit as dramatic and shocking as we expected it would be.

It goes without saying here, but major spoiler alert. If you have not watched tonight’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Before we jump right into the shooter, though, let’s set the scene. The entire season has been a slippery slope for Annalise and her students, who both seem to keep making missteps that require questionable ethics and hasty cover-ups.

That was never more painfully evident than tonight, which almost paralleled the first season moment when the students conked Sam Keating over the head with Annalise’s trophy and then rolled his body up in a rug. Only, tonight, it’s the body of Emily Sinclair they have rolled up, and Asher (who didn’t take part in the first cover-up) is the one who did the killing by taking road rage to a new level.

Image: ABC

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With her world closing in on her and her students, Annalise seems to be losing her grip. At the home of the wealthy clients they’ve been defending, she walks into the room where the traumatized students are huddled and hands a gun to Connor.

She asks him to shoot her, baiting him, and he almost does. He ultimately walks away, though, leaving Annalise to encourage each student one by one to shoot her in the leg. The goal, obviously, is to frame their client, Catherine, for shooting Annalise and murdering Emily.

They all refuse, until she gets to Wes. He walks away at first, too, but then she divulges an ugly truth — Rebecca is dead. She has been dead all along and Annalise has been lying to Wes. He aims for her leg and then, pausing for a moment, pulls up and shoots her in the side.

There you have it. Wes is the shooter. In last week’s poll predicting the shooter, he scored 15 percent of the vote, making him the third most favored of the bunch for pulling the trigger. Clearly, not everyone has been won over by his boy-next-door charm.

Image: ABC

But, amazingly, Wes shooting Annalise wasn’t the most jaw-dropping reveal of tonight’s winter finale. Rather, it was another new development in their relationship — or, at least, new to the viewers — which truly sent us reeling.

As Annalise lay on the floor bleeding out and Wes hovers over her with his finger still on the trigger, she repeatedly whispers, “Christophe.”

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Cue one dramatic and very sad flashback during which a 12-year-old Wes is sitting in a police station talking to a detective about the death of his mother. Young Wes is known as Christophe, and he believes his mother “hurt” herself. Since we know she is dead, the deduction is that she committed suicide.

Then, the camera pans past Wes at the table with the detective into the observation room just off the interrogation area. In it are Annalise and Eve (Famke Janssen). At which point Eve says, “Oh, Annalise, what have we done?”

Hmm. I’ve previously posited that Annalise may be Wes’ biological mother, but this scene would seem to contradict that. It seems pretty clear, however, that she has some strange soft spot for this kid. She tends to coddle him and she is arguably more protective of him than the others. Twitter certainly suspects a familial connection between these two.

Last week, I suggested that Annalise might reveal this to Wes, and finding out that she was his mother would push him over the edge enough to shoot Annalise. While this isn’t exactly the case, it’s kinda close. What Annalise told Wes did push him over the edge enough to shoot her. And who knows what he will do once he connects the dots about “Christophe.”

I’m no longer convinced Annalise is Wes’ mother, but I am sure she’s been meddling with his life since he was, like, 10. But everything always seems to boil down to Annalise protecting Wes, not hurting him. How many lives have been ruined trying to cover up that night Wes hit Sam? Many.

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Her primary motivation always seems to be to protect him. Perhaps she is related to him, but not in the way we suspected. Maybe his mother was related to Annalise. Or maybe they weren’t related, but Wes’ mom was one of Annalise’s early clients. Could it be possible that he had a horrible home life and Annalise and Eve staged his mother’s suicide to “save” him?

Or what if young Wes accidentally hurt his mom and Annalise has been trying to shield him from that truth for over a decade? Here’s the good news and the bad news all rolled into one — we might find out in February.

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