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The craziest theory about The Vampire Diaries‘ Valerie’s baby

Valerie revealed to Caroline on tonight’s The Vampire Diaries that she tried to save her baby in the same way the Gemini coven saved Alaric’s twins.

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Valerie thinks her attempts at the spell failed. She said she wasn’t strong enough to do it on her own without a coven. But what if it did work and she just didn’t realize it? What if her baby got transferred to another body before Julian beat her?

That means her and Stefan’s baby would have been born in Mystic Falls and both the woman she transferred the baby to and the infant could have no idea that it wasn’t a biological child. If that’s the case, then it means Matt, Tyler, Elena or even Caroline could have been Stefan’s descendent and never even have known it.

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Of course, we’re not sure how that story line would ever be revealed or play out, but it would be pretty interesting to discover that the baby didn’t die like we thought.

And why would the show make such a point of having that scene between Valerie and Caroline unless it meant something bigger for Valerie’s story, too?

It could be that the show just wanted Valerie and Caroline to bond. That seems unlikely, though, since they’re both in love with the same guy. And Caroline clearly hates Stefan in the future, no doubt because of Valerie, so the odds of a friendship blooming between these two seems highly unlikely. It will definitely be interesting to see how Valerie does at being Caroline’s nursemaid; she’ll clearly be by her side throughout the process since she’s the knowledgable witch in this area. We doubt this is Bonnie’s area of expertise.

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And how will Stefan handle the news of Caroline’s pregnancy? No doubt he’ll try to be valiant about it and say that it doesn’t matter to him if her belly grows into a beach ball but, clearly, Caroline and Alaric are going to be getting closer and closer throughout this whole experience, while Stefan… well, Stefan’s path remains TBD. But we know it absolutely doesn’t lead to a Steroline happily ever after three years from now.

Do you think it’s possible that Valerie’s baby survived in another mother?

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