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Blake and Gwen’s new plans indicate they are getting serious too soon

For someone who appears so wishy-washy about her new relationship, Gwen Stefani sure seems to be taking things to the next level really quickly.

Though Blake Shelton’s camp has openly admitted that the country singer is, indeed, dating Stefani, Stefani continues to confuse fans by confirming, then un-confirming, her status with Shelton and then sharing some PDA with him.

Now, a reported inside source is saying that Stefani and Shelton are so close that Stefani has even brought Shelton home to meet her children, according to E! News. The source added that the new couple is doing it in a “very natural and healthy way” to help keep things normal for the kids. Still, it’s got to be kind of confusing for the three boys, considering the ink on the papers to their mom’s divorce from dad, Gavin Rossdale, is barely dry.

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And what does Stefani’s new relationship mean for her kids during the holiday season? The source says she is doing everything in her power to keep things customary for Kingston, Zuma and Apollo at Christmas.

“It’s very likely they [Shelton and Stefani] will be together for some parts of it, but Gwen still wants to have the holidays as normal as possible because of her kids,” the source said. “So Gwen may do a more traditional holiday with Gavin when their kids open up the presents, but it’s clear to her children they are not with each other in any romantic capacity.”

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The insider also tossed around the “L” word a bit in association with Stefani’s boys — Shelton included.

“Many of Gwen’s friends love how happy she has been over these past few months, and they believe she found love again,” the source said, adding that Shelton and Stefani are “extremely happy” together.

“The media craze just annoys her because of the way it can affect kids in situations like this,” the source continued. “But she has been giving them unconditional love and talking to them.”

What do you think? Is it too soon for Shelton to be hanging out with Stefani’s kids?

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