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Heroes Reborn: Is Tommy the new master of time and space?

Despite Thursday’s Heroes Reborn being the final episode until it returns in January, that doesn’t mean fans can’t still theorize over what happened in the fall finale. Actually, not a lot happened. To be honest, this was one of most boring and slow-moving episodes to date, which was unfortunate, especially since it should’ve ended on a cliffhanger to keep fans excited and draw them back in when it returns next year. But, hey, that’s just me.

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Anyway, one particular detail was revealed. It looks like there is a new master of space and time. That’s right, Hiro Nakamura isn’t the only man to hold that title. Remember how Miko is 7,957 years in the future, aka the place Erica calls Gateway? It is Erica’s future home for herself and a select few to live after the apocalypse hits present-day Earth.

At one point, Miko encounters her real father (not the construct from Earth), who informs her that her next mission is to save the master of time and space. Who do fans automatically equate with that title? Hiro, of course. However, at the end of the episode, Miko grabs Tommy and says, “Master of time and space, it is my mission to free you.”

What? Does this mean Tommy is the new master of time and space? It make sense, especially since Hiro, the original master of time and space, raised him as his own. Who better to take over the role than the boy who learned from the OG and the best?

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Now that Tommy is declared the master of time and space, what does this mean for him, for Hiro and for the future? Well, here’s hoping it doesn’t mean Hiro is truly dead. Yes, fans are still waiting to learn about Hiro’s fate. That’s just cruel, Heroes Reborn. However, if Hiro is dead, what better way to honor him?

Let’s just hope it means Tommy is finally on his journey to save the world from being destroyed and also Erica Kravid in the process. If anyone can do it, it’s the master of time and space, right?

Heroes Reborn returns in January on NBC.

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