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The View hosts have disgusting debate about which eating disorder is ‘better’ (VIDEO)

At the rate the hosts of The View get into offensive territory, one would think they do this on purpose.

The women of The View stepped in it again on Thursday when they made the asinine decision to make jokes about eating disorders. Joy Behar, who has already admitted to just plain never paying attention, said, “We were just discussing whether it’s better to become bulimic or anorexic backstage.”

Their extremely off-putting discussion stemmed from talk surrounding Donald Trump’s recent weight loss. Michelle Collins piped up, saying she thinks bulimia is so much better because then you get to enjoy your meals, adding, “She’s nodding. We have two bulimics here. They agree,” pointing to two women in the audience.

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Candace Cameron Bure tried, unsuccessfully, to smooth things over, saying, “Please know that while this is in jest, as someone that has dealt with an eating disorder, I don’t want to make light of anyone that has it, but we were talking about it.”

The women agreed and murmured that they were kidding and then Collins jumped in, “We’re always kidding.”

Cameron Bure concluded, “I think I can joke about it because I’ve been there.”

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Well, you’d think she wouldn’t want to joke about it because she’s been there and would know first-hand it really isn’t something of which to make light, which they clearly were doing, even though they claimed they were not.

And while the hosts did apologize, saying they never meant to offend anyone, people were still offended.

All in all, the consensus is that, apology or not, the ladies were out of line.

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Do you think their discussion about which eating disorder is “better” was in jest or offensive?

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