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Below Deck‘s Rocky Dakota claims Eddie Lucas still loves her

You guys. It’s going to get real on the Below Deck reunion when it airs. Tuesday’s finale was crazy, and doesn’t it seem like there are so many questions that still need answering? So many plot twists left unsolved? Or, in other words, what the heck is going on with Rocky Dakota and Eddie Lucas?

Before we get into it, let’s have a quick review of what happened during the last episode of Below Deck. The CliffsNotes version, if you will.

  • Amy Johnson told Lucas that Dakota was telling people they had sex.
  • Lucas freaked out and denied it, even though we viewers knew it happened.
  • Lucas approached Dakota, but she just hid under a blanket in her bed like a weirdo.
  • The whole gang went out for a last hurrah and Lucas got drunk and told everyone that he and Dakota “f***ed.”
  • Dakota laughed like a maniac and kept saying that it “was awesome.”
  • Dakota and Lucas had a few weird conversations where Lucas admitted that he seriously messed up/wants nothing to do with Dakota.

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Needless to say, it was strange, and most of us were left wondering so many things, including what on earth is going on with Lucas and his girlfriend back home now. But! Here’s where things get really weird: According to Dakota, Lucas has texted her since the show wrapped/before the Below Deck reunion. Is she telling the truth?

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If you take a leisurely stroll on over to the “Where are they now?” Below Deck page on, you’ll see what most of the Season 3 cast members are up to. When Dakota is asked, she gives a seriously long, seriously rambling answer that makes it seem as though she never thought her words were going to be seen by human eyes.

In addition to revealing that she spent time “crushing” Europe with her “hot model friends” over the summer and how she contemplated opening a food truck in Hawaii, Dakota claims the following: that Emile Kotze visited her in California; that Connie Arias “calls her constantly”; that she and Kate Chastain may become best friends; that she has cooked for Captain Lee and his wife; and that Lucas texted her and “really loves her.” It’s beyond strange — especially since Captain Lee and Arias flat-out deny Dakota’s claims and since Kotze made no mention of ever visiting Dakota in California in his interview. But, the thing about Lucas… hmm… that’s actually kind of believable.

Lucas wasn’t interviewed for the piece, but it goes without saying that we’ll hear from him about this at the reunion. It also sort of goes without saying that he’ll deny it, just like he denied sleeping with Dakota in the first place. Like many people, I’m not the biggest fan of Dakota, but the way in which Lucas denied hooking up with her at first was just plain scary. He was so adamant. So convincing! And being that he was definitely the saner one out of the pair, it’s likely that everyone would have believed him, were their rendezvous not caught on tape.

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I’ve always been a fan of Lucas and, again, I’m not exactly president of the I Heart Rocky fan club, but I don’t know. As bat-crap crazy as her little interview on Bravo is, I tend to believe her that Lucas has texted her, if for no reason other than to get on her good side before the reunion.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist — or a moron — to know that Dakota is going to get killed on the reunion. Not only did everyone have it out for her during the season — for good reasons (her not working, her complaining, etc.), she’s been talking crap about everyone on social media, which doesn’t bode well. However, that said, I’m nervous for the girl. The way Lucas treated Dakota and bad-mouthed her after they had sex was pretty sleazy, and yet she’s still the odd one out.

If Lucas denies texting Dakota, it’s going to be pretty hard to believe him. That said, if he did, no doubt Dakota saved the messages. In which case, he’ll look like a big ol’ liar. Again.

What did you think of Dakota?

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