Coach Charming proves you are never too old to ask for help (EXCLUSIVE)

Nov 19, 2015 at 8:48 a.m. ET
Image: TLC

Tonight, Coach Charming is an interesting episode, in that I get to once again coach Blanche, my daughter on a new adventure.

Blanche and I have a unique and special relationship. Both her mother and I for years would drive her out of town to practice basketball for her travel basketball team. Many times, we drove five hours in one night. That led to a great opportunity to talk and spend some one-on-one time. When she started looking at different universities on where she would play basketball, I often traveled with her.

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In that arena, she learned how to talk and conduct and lead interviews. It was a skillset that really empowered her as she made her choice to attend Auburn University. She did sorority rush, and having these skills paid off for her as rush was a positive experience for her. When she was campaigning for Miss Homecoming, having the support of her sorority proved invaluable. Being able to interview, however, was the skillset that got her on the final ballot for the students to vote. It was a great moment for me to be with her when they called her name out over the loudspeaker at the football game announcing her as queen.

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Now, however, we have a new adventure. Blanche is given the chance to do a sportscasting taping at the local TV station. She wants my help, but clearly points out that I am deficient in sports — this is true. I do know a thing or two about presentation. She truly struggles at first, and I am concerned — but I know I can help — and the dad mode kicks in. I want the best for her, and since she has always had a bit of a dream to do this, I want to make it happen. Maybe it's because I am a divorced dad who wants to prove to be valuable — but I think it comes from yet another challenge that we can hopefully conquer together.

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Blanche is smart and has always been one that takes to coaching. She is also 24 and somewhat thinks she can handle things — and learns a quick life lesson — we always need help, guidance and support. It comes together, and she really does well, appears natural and does a great job. What isn't revealed on the show is that the TV station told her "you have a job here, and we could use you as a street reporter immediately."

How about that? A great confidence builder, and to me, the winning ticket. Another side note, Blanche wore a yellow dress — the one she wanted to wear in the portrait episode, but pregnant Helen Anne brought only one dress to that shoot — and it was yellow, and thus Blanche had to change dresses. But she got to wear it anyway.

So as we age and mature — we still need coaches — and we still can learn and grow!