7 AHS: Hotel characters who could be the Ten Commandments serial killer

Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel significantly narrowed our scope of Ten Commandments killer suspects.

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Thanks to creepy kid-lady Wren, we know that the killer is a “man”/”he,” which we were already kind of guessing at. And while the suspect list isn’t necessarily definitive, there is one character who stands above the rest.

1. Donovan

He’s the one who’s the least likely on our list. Sure, he’s been a vampire for a few decades long, so he might have gotten angsty enough to want to spice up his life, but he’s way too brooding to be the killer. Remember, in the pilot he didn’t want to even go out to get his dinner. We can’t see him having the motivation to meticulously and purposefully slaughter people throughout the city.

2. James March

It’s unclear how he spends his days and if he can leave the Hotel Cortez, but he definitely loves picking people apart enough to be responsible for the crimes. Plus, we do know the murders appear to be copycats of an earlier spree. Perhaps March had a run before building the Hotel Cortez and now wants to branch out again? Of course, there doesn’t seem to be any morality associated with March’s killings, while the Ten Commandments Killer clearly has a pattern of, well, Ten Commandments-type killings.

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3. The Countess

We know that Wren identified the killer as a man, but what if The Countess has someone doing her dirty work for her with her as the mastermind behind the whole slaughter. She definitely isn’t one to shy away from the grotesquely obscene.

4. One of the other dead serial killers

We had the fun terrifying opportunity to meet infamous serial killers like the Zodiac Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Aileen Wuornos and John Wayne Gacy a few episodes back. Apparently, they’re all friends in the afterlife and all still really like murder. What if they all teamed up to teach the city of Los Angeles a lesson?

5. Someone we haven’t met yet

Of course, there is always the possibility that some character will come out of the blue as the serial killer, John Lowe will catch the guy and everyone will live die happily ever after. Right… this one actually might be even more unlikely than Donovan being the killer.

6. That creepy drill demon

The guy with the drill strap clearly has some unresolved anger issues, which means he might just have the motive to take his rage to the streets. We really don’t know much about this character in the series. Is he an apparition of the hotel’s deep-seated rage or was he actually a person at one point in time? A person who really liked brutal and merciless death?

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7. John Lowe

And finally, we arrive at our most likely suspect, because, let’s be real, the way John is losing his mind is definitely reason enough to raise an eyebrow. Not to mention, he is clearly connected to his own sins in a subconsciously messed-up way after he lost his son, Holden, thanks to his personal demons.

If John is, in fact, the killer, as we suspect — why else would he have been invited to the serial killer dinner, after all? — then he clearly has no idea what he’s doing. He hasn’t come to terms with his own bloodlust, which could be why he’s going crazy.

Either way, with next week’s episode called “The Ten Commandments Killer,” we’re guessing the questions won’t continue for much longer.

Who do you think is the real Ten Commandments Killer?