Empire: What is Anika going to do to Laura now that she hijacked her cab?

Nov 19, 2015 at 12:38 a.m. ET
Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX

Last week's wild episode of Empire hinted at even wilder things to come — and the hit show definitely delivered this week. In what may have been the best episode of the season so far, Anika played a prominent and intriguing part.

We've all been wondering what would come of that tryst Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) had with Anika (Grace Gealey) — aka Boo Boo Kitty — when he was suffering a sort of PTSD after being released by his kidnappers. Clearly, Anika had not been in a good place prior to that moment, since she was literally telling her mother on the phone minutes before how alone she felt.

So, in that moment, when having someone need her felt so good, it seems unlikely Anika would put on the brakes to remind Hakeem to pop on a prophylactic. Or perhaps she was on birth control and simply missed a pill or two in her distraught state. Whatever the case may be, tonight's episode revealed that Hakeem and Anika's brief union resulted in a not-so-brief commitment: a baby.

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But when Anika tries to break the news to Hakeem, he flips the script by telling her he is in love — with Laura (Jamila Velazquez). Clearly, this was not how Anika envisioned the evening playing out.


Still, no one was quite expecting Anika's next scene.

As Hakeem puts Laura in a cab after the party celebrating his rap battle victory, the camera pans in on the rear-view mirror to reveal none other than Anika driving — in a blond wig, no less. What gives here? Does Anika have nefarious plans for Laura? I've got a few guesses at what she plans to do with Laura now that she has her alone.


1. Stalk her

To my recollection, Laura and Anika haven't officially been acquainted. If anything, they've been introduced in a professional capacity, but it's not as though they know each other on a personal level. So maybe Anika only intends to gather intel on Laura (like, you know, where she lives). And, hey, maybe it is even out of some protectiveness of Hakeem because she doesn't want him to get hurt. Alternatively, it could most definitely just be the byproduct of a woman hyped up on hormones and jealousy.

2. Divulge the pregnancy news

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This seems like the most obvious scenario, but that doesn't always mean it's the most likely to happen. After all, this is a TV show — they've got to keep us guessing, right? Having said that, it would still be interesting to see how Laura might react to discovering her newly serious boyfriend recently knocked up his dad's ex-fiancée.

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3. Lie to her

When all else fails, women who are overcome by jealousy tend to get desperate. When they get desperate, they start reaching. Lying to Laura or somehow trying to trick her into believing Hakeem doesn't have feelings for her would be nothing more than a cheap ploy to drive a wedge between Hakeem and Laura. You know what, though? For an impressionable young girl like Laura, that might be all it takes.

4. Kidnap her

Here's hoping this is a long shot, considering it's the kind of behavior that lands one in jail. However, it wouldn't be the first time (and I doubt the last, either) that someone has been kidnapped on the show. It does kind of make sense when you add up the wig, hijacking the cab, etc. Seriously, though... where would Boo Boo Kitty even take her?

5. Hurt her

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If you were to ask the Twitterverse what they thought Anika was planning to do to Laura, this would probably be the most popular response. Everyone wants to know where Anika is taking Hakeem's cute, new girl and whether or not she is going to smack her around. I mean, we all know from Cookie and Anika's history that Anika isn't afraid to throw down.

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6. Kill her

Unfortunately, the episode started by showing just how unstable Anika is right now. As she clutched a knife in one hand, you got the distinct impression she was thinking of using it on herself as opposed to those pregnancy test boxes. So it isn't unreasonable to think Anika has unraveled so much psychologically at this point that she would try to get rid of Laura for good. Besides, this is Empire we're talking about — they love a good murder mystery.

7. Nothing

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Just as likely as Anika doing something malicious to Laura is Anika doing nothing at all to Laura. Maybe she talks herself out of it or maybe she had no real preconceived notion about what she would do once she climbed behind the wheel of that cab. But maybe Anika winds up simply driving Laura to her destination, dropping her off and heading home to chide herself for pulling such a foolish stunt.