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Khloé Kardashian faces a new health scare

Seems that Khloé Kardashian has spent so much time worrying about Lamar Odom’s health lately, she’s gone and neglected her own.

Kardashian was forced to cancel scheduled signings of her book, Strong Looks Better Naked, this week because of a mystery illness, which may be a staph infection she contracted while staying with Odom in the hospital, according to TMZ.

TMZ also reports that Kardashian has a painful lesion on her leg, a high fever, swollen glands, chills and is profusely sweating.

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Kardashian took to Twitter to break the news to her fans and to apologize for the situation, saying it was doctor’s orders to lay low and that she still needed more tests to determine her diagnosis.

Judging by the “stress can run our bodies down” portion of her tweets, it’s obviously not lost on Kardashian that Odom’s near-death experience is having an effect on her own physical well-being. However, Kardashian also recently said that family members had to basically rip her away from Odom’s hospital room for her own good.

“Just recently I’ve been in the hospital for almost three-and-a-half weeks straight, and finally everyone was saying, ‘Khloé, you have to get out of the hospital and just for an hour, go to the gym and do something that’s for you,'” she said in an interview. “‘Nothing’s going to happen to Lamar.'”

Of course, Kardashian’s concern for her estranged husband is totally understandable. It’s hard to believe any human being with a beating heart wouldn’t find it hard to leave the bedside of someone they love — especially if they are in Odom’s condition, which Kardashian recently gave an update on.

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She says that although Odom has shown signs of improvement, has been removed from machines and is functioning on his own, he still has a major amount of physical and and cognitive therapy ahead of him.

He will try to learn how to walk… so that is first… when he can support himself on his own, or physically try to walk better on his own or at least with an assistance, with, like, a walker, then he will probably leave the hospital and do a lot of cognitive and mental strengthening,” she told Extra.

We’re wishing both Kardashian and Odom quick recoveries.

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