Joey and Rory Feek share new heartbreaking story about their family

Nov 18, 2015 at 11:37 p.m. ET
Image: Judy Eddy/WENN

If you are looking for some very special holiday spirit, search no further than country stars Rory and Joey Feek's blog,

In a new post titled "A bus full of joy," Rory very articulately recalls the touching story of how they hired their bus-driver-turned-official-family-member, Russell Brisby, even after Brisby pretty much told the Feeks they couldn't afford him.

According to Rory, Brisby was on his way out the door when Rory said, "The truth is… we aren’t looking to hire a bus and a driver, we’re looking for someone to be part of our family. Someone who could help me make sure my wife is okay (sic) through all of this."

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After hearing Rory's words, Brisby was all in and never looked back.

In the blog post, Rory details how Joey went on to change Brisby's life for the better through worrying about his health and helping him to shed 100 pounds. Brisby became so close to the Feeks that when Joey was diagnosed with cancer, the tour bus turned into a shuttle bus that he used to drive her to and from surgeries.

Rory's words in the blog succinctly illustrate how big of a heart his wife has and the hope she has given to others.

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And despite the fact that Joey — who received her cervical cancer diagnosis in May 2014, according to People magazine — stopped receiving treatments in October and is currently in hospice care, she still hasn't given up on that hope. In "A bus full of joy," Rory also writes that even though doctors tell her she is in her final days, Joey not only wishes to make it through the holidays, but she also wants to be around when their daughter, Indiana, turns 2 in February.


"Her friends gathered around her on the couch and she told them of her hope that she might be able to still be here for Christmas, or for Indiana’s 2nd birthday in February," wrote Rory, adding, "Joey’s hope never fades. No amount of pain or medicine can touch it."

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For now, Joey remains surrounded by those who love her the most as they navigate through this incredibly trying time while also attempting to stay in the Christmas spirit. By sharing their story, they're continuing on Joey's legacy of hope and reminding all of us what the season is really about.