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Survivor: 5 Reasons Jeremy Collins should win it all

The first time he played on Season 29, Jeremy’s aggressive game sent him packing early in the jury. Now, in his second chance, he’s showing why he’s a strong frontrunner to win it all.

Reason 1: Idols

It’s all about the Idols for Jeremy on Survivor: Second Chance. Just a few days into the competition, Jeremy secretly unearthed a hidden Idol during a challenge. After Kelley shocked everybody by playing hers to oust Savage at last week’s Tribal Council, there was another Idol put back in play. Shocker? Jeremy found that one, too. Now, with a pair of hidden Idols in his pocket, Jeremy has loads of power. After finding his second Idol, there was an emotional moment as Jeremy talked about needing to win for his family. Viewers were very active on social media, saying they feel this series of events has given him a winner’s edit.

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Let’s just hope he doesn’t make a bonehead mistake and find himself getting voted off with both Idols.

Reason 2: Likability

Ciera said it herself as she gobbled up goodies at the Reward. She felt like anybody who takes Jeremy to the end of the game would lose to him. Why? Nobody in the game has any grudges against him. He has kept a positive attitude and proven his trust. Ciera is right. If he makes it to the end, there isn’t much room for him to lose.

Jeremy Collins on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Reason 3: Smart strategy

Instead of standing out as the biggest physical threat, Jeremy has let others shine in the spotlight. Look at Joe. His fate has literally been hanging in the balance since the merge. The only reason his safety is secure is because of back-to-back-to-back Immunity wins. The moment he doesn’t have Immunity around his neck, Joe will become a prime target. As long as Joe, or anybody else for that matter, appears to be a bigger threat, Jeremy could have a smooth skate to the final vote.

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Reason 4: Adaptability

When it comes to strategy, Jeremy is also ready to make moves when he needs to. The decision to flip on the majority alliance by following Stephen’s plea to vote against Kelly was a big play. Is Kelly the biggest threat? Not necessarily, but his willingness to take a risk and vote with a block of people he hasn’t previously been aligned with is proof to the jury he played the game.

Reason 5: Trust

In a game of trust, Jeremy is mastering it this season. He may catch some grief for flipping on the majority alliance to vote off Kelly, but I can’t see that becoming too big of a deal because Spencer and Stephen also swapped. He’s not the only fall guy. Also, when Savage was still in the game, Jeremy poured out his trust in their alliance. Now, he’s dumping his trust into Stephen. There must be some trust to get deep in the game, and Jeremy is playing his cards just right. If you have nobody to trust and nobody trusts you, the target will only get bigger on your back.

Jeremy Collins at camp on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Other musings

  • Did anybody else think Jeremy’s hunt for the Idol was far too simple? The clue he found was a direct map to the Idol’s location. All he had to do was sneak away at night and find a glowing lantern in the dark where the Idol was attached? Seriously? Why not just put a neon sign out there with an arrow pointing at it?
  • Joe is a challenge beast. Watching him compete week after week has been tons of fun, and I hope his Immunity run keeps on chugging. He is proving why Survivor‘s challenges are made for him.
  • The advantage Stephen won of stealing somebody else’s vote is interesting. Basically, he has the opportunity to stop somebody from casting a ballot at a future Tribal Council. He, then, will get to cast a second vote. It’s a cool twist for sure. I just hope Stephen plays it right and makes it worthwhile.
  • How awesome was that rain-drenched, shiver-filled Tribal Council? With lightning illuminating the flickering set, it really showed what Survivor is all about. This is no walk in the park, folks.
  • Kelly’s elimination was rather uneventful for me. Much like Monica, her presence this season was nearly nonexistent. The whole thing was mostly disappointing since so many viewers voted for the original runner-up to return to the game and her time there fell without any fanfare.

What’s your take on Jeremy winning it all? Do you think he has what it takes? What other reasons would you add to this list? If you don’t think it will be Jeremy, who is your pick to win and why? Join the conversation and leave a comment now.

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