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Supernatural: Sam going back into Lucifer’s cage is the worst idea ever

Wednesday’s Supernatural took a break from focusing solely on the Darkness, but it was a welcome shift, especially since Sheriff Donna (Briana Buckmaster) returned. You can’t go wrong when Donna’s helping Sam and Dean with a case — even if it is one dealing with a creepy killer bunny and clown.

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Anyway, when Sam wasn’t freaking out over the clown he was trapped inside an elevator with (I feel your pain, Sammy), he tried to make reason out of those ominous visions of his and figure out if God is somehow involved. At the beginning of the episode, Dean even walked in on Sam praying and couldn’t believe his eyes. Sam wants to do whatever it takes to beat the Darkness, aka God’s sister, and get answers about his visions. If that means he has to pray, he’s going to do it.

For some reason, Sam thinks God is sending him the visions. As for Dean, he doesn’t believe God is now speaking up after so many years, because how many times before did he not answer them? The answer: A lot. Dean wants Sam to count on each other to fight the Darkness, not God.

Well, Sam doesn’t seem convinced. After defeating all of the haunted, evil costumes, Sam proposed a theory to Dean about his disturbing visions. Maybe God is trying to tell him that the only way for them to take down the Darkness is for him to go back into Lucifer’s cage.

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No. Just no. That cannot be the meaning behind them. If it is, then I’m going to boycott Supernatural and my beloved Winchester brothers. OK, maybe not really, but I will be really angry. Sam already went into the cage once before. Been there, done that. Let’s not repeat story lines. Also, I can’t take the heartbreak of Dean watching Sam jump into the cage all over again. Those are some emotions I just can’t experience a second time around. Plus, I don’t think I have enough tissues to catch my tears.

Sam Winchester
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I can see why Sam might think that’s what his visions/God is trying to tell him, but he needs to listen to Dean. There’s no reason to start jumping to conclusions. Sam needs to take a breather and think about this rationally. I don’t think that’s what his visions are trying to tell him, but they sure don’t look promising.

If the visions really are being sent from God, then let’s hope he’s trying to tell Sam that Lucifer is the key to getting rid of the Darkness. The more Mark Pellegrino in my life, the better.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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