Anna Duggar gives parenting advice as new rumors surface about Josh

Nov 18, 2015 at 5:23 p.m. ET

She might be getting flak for her marriage — and her husband's egregious actions — but Anna Duggar is proving she transcends a lot of the negative buzz surrounding recent events by giving pretty stellar parenting advice.

Duggar, a former star of the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, is a mother four times over to an alliterative brood, including Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus and Meredith Grace. And even though she has recently been without the help of her husband, Josh, as he has been away at a non-clinical, faith-based rehab facility seeking help for sex addiction, she seems to be handling things just fine.

In the wake of the birth of sister-in-law Jessa’s first child, Spurgeon Elliot, Anna is sharing some sage advice for the new mom on caring for the little one.

During an interview published on the Duggar Family Blog, Anna says, "I remember with Mackynzie, I thought we had so much figured out. And then with Michael, I was like, 'What can I learn?' And then with Marcus, it really brought me to my knees. I realized I couldn't do it on my own and that I needed God's wisdom to love each one of my children individually."

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She also says that mothers need to make time for their children, and invest in their lives. She muses, "Enjoy each moment. I encourage moms to invest in their kids' lives, even when they are babies. When you have one child, it's still fairly easy to run around and do things, but try to remember to spend one-on-one time with that child because he or she is going to be the example that your other kids are going to follow."

Pretty solid advice, if you ask me. But this break in her silence comes amid a new rash of rumors surrounding her husband. It was rumored Josh left his rehab facility under suspicious circumstances. It has not been confirmed, but The Inquisitr has reported staff members of Reformers Unanimous said, "RU’s goals are graduates, not students. We wish that people would stay to finish — but sometimes they choose not to."

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The source continued, "There are many rules, all of which are necessary to create an environment of spirituality and seeking God. The majority of people who leave just don’t like other people telling them what to do. Others who won’t submit to the rules… can be terminated by the housing director if they are considered harmful to other people’s programs. There are some who come to the program without the intention of following the program or its regulations. Eventually they may choose to leave if they are unwilling to endure the painstaking process."

Now, as before stated, we do not have confirmation about the exact details of his departure, other than his brother making a fairly harrowing trip to retrieve him in the family jet. In addition to this, Hollywood Life is alleging they have spoken to an insider who says Josh is desperate to salvage his marriage by… having another baby.

"Josh is so worried that Anna will leave him that he is now convinced she will stay if he can persuade her they should have another child together,” this source claims. “He’s been begging her not to leave him and that they were meant to have another baby."

Although it seems, according to this insider, that might be unlikely.

"Unfortunately for Josh, getting pregnant is the last thing on Anna’s mind. She’s been a single parent for the last few months and she knows that having another child is not going to fix their marriage. Josh hasn't given up though. He is still trying to convince her, at least this is what he always brings up during their limited conversations," this source says.

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