Josh Duggar’s perversions reportedly get him kicked out of rehab and sued

Josh Duggar may have thought he could hide from his problems in a remote religious rehab, but one of his mistresses has other plans.

Porn star Danica Dillon, who claims she had sex with Duggar on multiple occasions after he sought her out at various strip clubs where she was working, has filed a lawsuit claiming he was so physically rough during their sexcapades that he caused her bodily harm.

In the suit, Dillon says Duggar’s treatment of her during their meetings in March and April 2015 was so abusive that she sustained “physical and emotional injuries” and it was “as if she were being raped.”

She is asking for $500,000 for what she is calling battery.

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Dillon’s lawyer told In Touch that Duggar will have to answer to not only what happened between him and Dillon during his deposition and testimony, but discuss his entire sexual history, including the porn addiction he admitted to in and then later deleted from his statement about being discovered in the Ashley Madison hack, and the facts surrounding the molestation of underage girls, including four of his own sisters.

“The defendant may be subject to [having to talk about] his prior bad [or] sexually abusive acts at trial,” attorney Marc Frumer told In Touch. “They are all relevant if he takes the stand.

“The defendant has a history of sexual and physical abuse towards women, particularly those he perceives as vulnerable or weak,” he continued. “He has to be held responsible for his actions.”

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One detail that does not bode well for Duggar is the evidence pointing to him being kicked out of his rehab center.

The Duggar family plane was seen coming and going from the airport in Rockford, Illinois, under severe weather conditions in which most experienced pilots would not fly that type of aircraft, proving that they were in a huge rush to get out of there.

The Christian boarding facility, which does not employ any licensed therapists or medical professionals, has extremely strict rules of behavior, down to scheduling by the minute — and if they are not followed, students are tossed out.

“There are many rules, all of which are necessary to create an environment of spirituality and seeking God,” a staff member of Reformers Anonymous said during the group’s podcast Friday night. “The majority of people who leave just don’t like other people telling them what to do.

“Others who won’t submit to the rules like no smoking or no drinking can be terminated by the housing director if they are considered harmful to other people’s programs. There are some who come to the program without the intention of following the program or its regulations. Eventually they may choose to leave if they are unwilling to endure the painstaking process.”

The school’s policy is to move such students to a local homeless shelter until they can be picked up by their families — and it sounds like the Duggars did not exactly relish that idea.

It remains to be seen if Josh will join the rest of the Duggar clan for Thanksgiving, but the family plane was later seen landing in Texas near another rehab center.

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