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Teen Mom‘s Corey Simms’ newborn daughter remains in intensive care (PHOTOS)

Teen Mom‘s Corey Simms’ newborn baby girl has been in intensive care since her birth a week ago because of her premature arrival.

But despite the tubes and IVs connected to the little girl named Remington Monroe Simms, she is reportedly doing well.

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Simms’ father, Jeff Simms, shared on Instagram this week that he was able to hold his granddaughter for the first time after her surprise delivery.

“Remington Monroe surprised us this weekend with her early arrival,” he captioned the photo. “She and her mommy are doing well. I am hopelessly in love! #remi”

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First time holding this little angel! #remi

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Corey’s stepmom, Joetta Simms, also shared a photo holding the newborn, saying, “I finally got to hold my precious granddaughter, she is so precious. Love her bunches.”

Corey has had a lot on his plate during the past month. Not only did he and his wife Miranda welcome their daughter into the world, but they also won primary custody of Corey’s 5-year-old twin daughters’ Ali and Aleeah from Corey’s previous relationship with Teen Mom star Leah Messer.

The two were in a lengthy custody battle over the girls with Corey continually insisting that Messer was an unfit mother. Corey even went so far as to accuse Messer of abusing prescription pills, but when a drug test came back clean, the court battle dragged on until just recently.

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Corey has maintained that he believes Messer is an unfit mother and the courts finally agreed.

Now, with the addition of Remi into the Simms family, it seems that the young clan will be settling down into a new routine together. No word yet if Ali and Aleeah have met their new baby sister yet.

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