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Kim Zolciak’s parenting skills come into question for unfair reason (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak is a mother to six children, and while most fans think she does an incredible job, there are others who disagree — and were quick to tell Zolciak of her supposed shortcomings.

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Zolciak took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo of her latest outfit, but instead of being impressed by her Chanel, fans and critics alike are slamming Zolciak for being more concerned with her looks than spending time with her children.

“Will you stop already! Play with your kids! Read them a book!”, gemma_falgie wrote. And another critic, jctrentt, shared similar sentiments, writing, “Self absorbed [sic], go spend time with your kids.”

Instagram user colesmilez appeared to agree, writing, “Other people raise her kids. ‘Nannies.'”

While 18fairy123 blasted Zolciak for “raving” about having six children but not doing all the work.

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“You must think we r [sic] all idiots @kimzolciakbiermann your [sic] in a dark room, not standing straight!!!!! Why don’t you stand normally instead of trying to portray thinner legs. You must have huge issues if all u care about is plastic surgery, showing off, swearing like a sewer rat in front of your kids and being thin!!!!!! Please just grow up!!!!! And the way u rave on about having 6 kids!!!!! Not like your [sic] doing all the work now r u [sic] !!!!!!!!” they wrote.

But Zolciak also has supporters who have blasted critics for their incredibly harsh comments. One person who came to her defense was bzzzecca. They wrote, “Lol are you serious, she can’t take a picture of herself and still have time to play with her kids? Do you live in her house and know exactly what she does 24/7?!”

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They certainly make a good point; it takes mere minutes to take a selfie.

Do you think the criticism is unfair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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