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Turned Up fans slam Ceraadi’s disrespectful behavior toward Christina Milian

On Turned Up, Christina’s attempt to mentor a group of young girls turns sour when they get to the studio.

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Christina Milian
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You don’t have to watch too many episodes of Christina Milian’s show to notice that she’s a girl’s girl who loves surrounding herself with strong women (like her mother and sisters). On Tuesday’s episode, Christina’s mentoring of a young girl group, Ceraadi, turned into a huge mess. The group seemed to have both zero work ethic and huge egos. Christina was surprised that they’d be so brazen as to sit and stare at their phones while in the studio, especially since she brought the group in to meet with producers The Silent Killers. After Sandra, the group’s “momager,” interrogates the producers as to their résumé, a huge fight breaks out, with Christina squarely in the middle. Ocean Marciano of The Silent Killers tweeted a response to the situation.

Fans watching the scene play out were totally horrified and 100 percent clear on what they would have done.

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Of course, it wasn’t just the girls in Ceraadi who behaved ridiculously in the studio. Sandra’s screaming was totally over the top and fans blamed her largely for escalating things, making it clear that if we never hear from this band again, it will more than likely be because of Sandra.

Ceraadi’s career so far has consisted mainly of YouTube videos, so this opportunity to work with Christina is huge. Their lackadaisical behavior in the studio was appalling, but it could be attributed to being young and entitled. Sandra, on the other hand… no. Perhaps one of the weirdest moments of the whole studio debacle was when she accused the producers of “sucking the fun” out of the recording session. On one hand, of course, some aspect of this should be fun — theoretically, these girls are doing this because they love it. But on the other? You’re working with Christina Milian and some super-high-level producers. There has to be a time when things are a little less “whee!” and a little more “focus, please.”

If anyone knows about dealing with overbearing “momagers,” it’s Christina, who finally fired her mom in this season’s first episode in favor of moving in a different direction with a different team. Christina has definitely put her reputation on the line to help Ceraadi out, but she got nothing in return but humiliation. The best move at this point might be to sever ties with these ladies and move on to a group who is both easier to work with and more conscious of the opportunities she’s giving them.

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What would you have done if you were Christina? Should she keep mentoring Ceraadi?

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