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Drunk Justin Timberlake hilariously puts paparazzi in their place

We now know something we never knew about Justin Timberlake: Drunk JT is the best JT.

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Thanks to TMZ, we have video footage of a gloriously trashed Timberlake on his way out of a country show, letting some lazy paparazzi have it with a verbal smack-down. Where can we sign up to party with this guy?

According to the site, Timberlake was walking out of the El Rey Theater Monday night in Los Angeles, where he had just seen his buddy, Chris Stapleton, play a show. True to Stapleton’s hit “Tennessee Whiskey,” Timberlake let his own whiskey do all the talking to the paparazzi who tried to snag a shot as he exited.

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“I gave you shots,” he slurs, stumbling and pointing at the crowd as his security backs the photogs up. “I gave you shots before I walked in. I gave you guys shots before I walked in, and if you’re too lazy… you’re too lazy to be the paparazzi that gets the shots when I go in, well, that’s on you!”

We wish we could be this good at trash-talking when we’re, well, trashed.

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Check out the hilarious video here and then tell us if you think drunk Justin Timberlake is as funny as we think he is, or if he needs to tone it down on slamming back drinks.

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