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The Voice: Korin Bukowski turns into Gwen Stefani’s mini-me

The Voice is supposed to be all about each contestant’s sound, as opposed to their appearance. Gwen Stefani, however, seems to be just as interested in the way her contestants look as she is in the way they sound. She demonstrated this already with Braiden Sunshine and again with Korin Bukowski.

Two style transformations surprised viewers during tonight’s elimination episode of The Voice. First, Sunshine returned to the curly hair that he previously changed in response to a request from Stefani. He also sported the pair of glasses that he ditched in order to look more like Michael Bublé. But while Sunshine looked more like himself tonight, Bukowski looked more like… Stefani.

Korin Bukowskin
Image: NBC

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Bukowski actually debuted her new look last night, but viewers were so enamored with her rendition of “Titanium” that they largely forgot to comment on her platinum blond hair. That changed tonight, as several Twitter users began to speak up. Many were very disappointed by the change, although a few claimed that Bukowski looked better than ever. Although opinions surrounding Bukowski’s new look varied significantly, all those who commented agreed that she now resembles her coach.

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Plenty of young women dream of looking just like Stefani, so if Bukowski’s makeover was sparked by this desire, more power to her. However, the show’s fans suspect that Stefani was entirely responsible for the new look. After all, her contestants have been known to exit the competition looking quite a bit different than they did during the audition process.

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Arguably, Stefani is justified in making her contestants look completely different, as these transformations nearly always result in impressive results for the singers of Team Gwen. Craig Wayne Boyd certainly did well after he got a haircut. And fans went wild for Sunshine when he traded in his curls for a sophisticated hairdo. Could a new Stefani-inspired look have the same impact on Bukowski? Perhaps, but none of her current success would be possible without the stunning voice that convinced Stefani to turn her chair around in the first place.

Korin on The Voice
Image: NBC

Whether she’s a Stefani look-alike or a dirty blond in a floppy hat, Bukowski always looks lovely. But while fans appreciate her ability to change up her style, they are far more impressed by her gorgeous voice. That voice is exactly what convinced fans to keep her around for another week. If platinum blond hair contributed to this week’s success, that’s great, but in the end, it’s all about Bukowski’s unique sound.

What do you think of Korin Bukowski’s new look? Did it contribute to her being saved by fans of The Voice? Comment and share your opinion below.

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