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Scream Queens: 9 Big questions answered by Boone

Ghosts and Red Devils and killer sorority sisters! Oh, my! That’s pretty much the gist of Tuesday’s Scream Queens. Not only were there multiple deaths, but a ton of major questions were answered. Thank goodness. Seeing as there are only three episodes left, well, it’s about time information is being revealed to viewers.

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As teased last week, Nick Jonas returned as Boone, but it didn’t exactly go his way. Spoiler alert: He died at the end of the episode — and for real this time. But, before Boone (who many thought was a ghost for part of the episode, because that makes sense) was killed, he provided answers to a ton of questions.

Before I get to those, let’s talk about how Dean Munsch finally told Grace and Zayday that there are two bathtub babies: A boy and a girl. During that ominous KKT night in 1995, twins were born. If that isn’t enough, Earl Grey died at the hands of the Red Devil. The madness doesn’t stop there, because Chanel pushed Hester down the stairs, resulting in her neck snapping — or did it? It’s still not clear if Hester is 100 percent dead, but her fall was definitely nasty.

Now, let’s get to all those questions Boone, aka Ghost Boone and/or Joaquin Phoenix, answered for fans.

1. Is Boone really a Red Devil?

A Red Devil was officially unmasked tonight. After killing Earl Grey, the man behind one of the masks was none other than Boone.

2. Who kidnapped Zayday?

Remember how the Red Devil was obsessed and apparently in love with Zayday? Yeah, well that was Boone. He even tried to convince Chad that as “Ghost Boone” he needed to get Zayday to love him and have sex with him so he could stay on Earth. FYI, Chad believed him.

3. Is Boone really gay?

If you paid attention to the above item, then you already have your answer. I’ll say it again, though. No, Boone was pretending to be gay and even went undercover as a Dickie Dollar Scholar as part of Gigi’s plan.

4. Who was Gigi referring to?

Remember when Gigi said to a Red Devil, “He’s gotta go”? That “he” was Boone.

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5. How did Boone play dead?

When it comes to Gigi’s plan that is 20 years in the making, she doesn’t take any chances. Per Boone, he studied film makeup for eight months to learn how to create the perfect slash mark for his neck and even practiced on patients. Boone also spent four years training to slow his breathing and heart rate down to a point that a coroner would declare him dead. See? Dedication.

6. Where did the bathtub babies grow up?

They definitely didn’t have the greatest upbringing. Boone revealed that he spent the first few months of his life “motherless” and even lived off of scraps of garbage and stolen milk. Apparently, he also grew up in institutions. Hmm… that sounds familiar.

7. Who attacked Gigi and Wes with a chain saw?

It was Boone’s masterful plan to attack Wes and Gigi with a chain saw to throw the scent off Gigi as a suspect. So far, it’s worked.

8. Are the Red Devils related?

You know it. As Gigi said at the end to the other masked Red Devil who killed Boone, “Well, your commitment to revenge is clearly greater than your brother’s was.”

9. Who is Boone’s sister?

Obviously, this question has yet to be answered, but my gut says Grace.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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