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Scott Disick branded irresponsible for shopping spree post-rehab (PHOTO)

Scott Disick thinks he’s killing it, but fans think otherwise, and his latest outing with one of his kids has some on social media questioning his actions altogether.

On Tuesday, Disick posted a photo of himself (with just the top of one of his kids’ heads visible) outside Gulfstream Product Support with the caption, “Shopping.”

The child he’s toting is his 5-year-old son, Mason. Now, if you take a gander at the rest of Disick’s post, you’ll know he is all about luxury, private jets and expensive sports cars, so plane shopping is right up his alley.

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That hasn’t stopped fans and followers from questioning where his head is at and what his motives are so shortly after leaving rehab. One person simply asked, “What about your kids?” While another commenter had more to say, venting obvious frustration, saying, “You should get your kids some clothes and spent time with them!! Instead of spoiling yourself with a plane! Wake up Scott!! Don’t you remember that your a father to 3 children (sic)!!”

While I don’t think any of his three children are hard up for clothing, I understand what she is trying to get across.

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Some people were so upset by this post, they simply unfollowed him. One person said, “Unfollow. Check.”

Just hours before his “shopping” photo, Disick also posted this photo of himself and son Mason aboard a private plane with the caption, “Boys trip #killingit.”

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And in just over three hours, the photo amassed an impressive 4,000 comments and counting. This smiling (yet still Lord-smug) Disick is a stark contrast to the grim picture painted by ex-girlfriend Kourtney in the preview for the current season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in which we saw Kris Jenner repeat a gut-wrenching question supposedly asked by Mason to Aunt Kim, “Is [my dad] ever coming home?” In the clips, we also see the family having some kind of meeting involving lots of crying, and with other reports of Disick walking out of rehab again, it basically doesn’t look like a good time.

Do you think it is callous of Disick to be plane shopping so soon after leaving rehab? And do you think if he is out he should be spending more time with his children?

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