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Anna Duggar sparks controversy over her baby girl’s latest wardrobe (PHOTO)

Before you freak out, lovely reader, that was hyperbole… I assure you, you’ll find this latest “controversy” a tad bit too much, too.

The latest shocker [sarcasm] in the Duggar-verse isn’t that Josh may have left rehab in a harrowing midnight “rescue,” or that Jessa had to be rushed to the hospital after her home birth. Nope, it’s little baby Meredith’s wardrobe.

Duggar cousin Amy King’s husband, Dillon, posted an adorable photo of himself holding the youngest of Anna and Josh Duggar’s children, with the caption, “Isn’t she so cute!!!!”

Yes, she certainly is adorable. And while fans thought so, too, they also noticed something you might have overlooked entirely (as I did) — she is wearing pants.

Joey shocked

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, fans noticed the 4-month-old is sporting britches instead of the ubiquitous Duggar skirts, or other “religiously modest” clothing the large brood chooses to wear.

Now, whether or not people are being facetious is difficult to gauge, but one person commented, “Wow she is wearing pants!!!! Stunning noooo skirt/dress.” Then a second said, “She’s such a cutie. I’m happy that Anna let her wear pants!”

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Of course, that opened the floodgates for people to then offer their opinion on when they thought it was appropriate for her to start wearing dresses. One person mentioned, “Honestly, it doesn’t matter if girls wear pants. As long as they wear skirts when they are like 6 then it’s okay in my book.”

Another said it’s OK for a different reason, explaining, “I think they let the younger girls wear pants under the dresses until they are old enough to know the proper way to sit.”

And because we just had to go there, one person said, “Yes as do we little ones need modesty too.”

Let me reiterate: the baby is 4 months old. “Religious modesty” for women is one thing… saying a baby needs to be modest is another.

To say nothing of the fact that it’s just dang hard to put and keep a baby that tiny in a dress all the time. Meredith is most likely starting to roll around and maybe even crawl. Her mother’s wardrobe choice might simply be out of sheer ease for her and the baby.

What do you think: Does dressing her little baby in pants mean Anna Duggar is bucking the “modesty” tradition, or is she simply trying to keep a wriggling, rolling, crawling little baby comfortable?

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